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Coty (1973)

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Wild Musk by Coty

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Wild Musk is a women's perfume launched in 1973 by Coty

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Reviews of Wild Musk by Coty

There are 22 reviews of Wild Musk by Coty.

This was my sister's signature scent so I couldn't really wear it, but I liked it nonetheless. It was sort of a quietly sexy musk, with a few more florals than other musks of the day. She smells great in it and doesn't experiment with fragrances, so she still wears it. But she told me her latest bottle is disappointing. It's a weaker formulation and shifted from the reliable warm, soft prettiness she loved to an echo of that - watered down, and lacking it's sweet soul. Kind of a harsh indictment from someone who loved it.

What do I rate, the vintage or the new formulation? I'm giving a neutral to the present formulation.

Wild Musk is so delightfully '80s! It's subtle, sweet and creamy with an animalic suggestiveness, but only just! It's the quintessential affordable musk scent. The only downside is that it doesn't project well or last very long, it settles into a skin scent almost immediately, which is a shame.

A non-scent on me, despite dousing myself with it.

Very weak combination of Bergamot, Lavender, Musk, Muguet and Vanilla.

I just don't get all the good reviews. There are far better musks out there, and of drugstore pricing as well. And my bottle was vintage.

Sensual without breaking the bank!I took trip down a very wonderful memory lane when pulling out this one from the closet. I had a revelation that a wonderful ,wearable scent need not cost a fortune (oh the cash I've forked out on fragrance). Wild Musk is warm , comfortable and sensual in a low key natural sort of way. No pop celebs, neon colors, artsy bottle, million dollar advertisements here. This scent will lead to snuggling by a fire, curling up under covers for a romantic movie, walking through fresh Autumn leaves and all things simple and lovely. An added bonus is an escape from strong floral, fruity headache inducing, sneezy, eye watering bottles of "hope for the perfect scent. " Did I mention the cash I've spent! Seriously, you really should take a chance with Wild Musk.Pros: Distinctive, long lasting, everything good about the 70s!Cons: Cannot be pretentious in this one."

My Signature MuskCoty Wild Musk used to be my signature scent in my teens and 20s. I used the oil. It was both clean and dirty, warm and sweet, with a powdery finish that lasted all day. It was sexy and blossomed with the heat of skin. It was the perfume of my discovery of love. It was me. I still wore it in my 30s, and my children said, "It smelled like mom." The current EDT is a pale shadow of the original but still the best product to replace the original. Wild Musk smells like it has vanilla or amber, some white florals and/or rose, bergamot, sandalwood and/or a touch of patchouli, possibly some coumarin or heliotrope. Current synthetic musks that carry some of the aspects of this scent are Habanolide (clean), Velvione (dirty), and Ambrettolied (fruity.) Other musks of the era that are still available but not quite as good are Bonnie Bell Skin Musk and Jovan Musk. Pros: Sexy, skin scentCons: Reformulation is weak"

A radiant, feminine, bit vintage floral musk with patterns of bergamot, orange and  amber-vanilla in the dry down. The juice is tenacious, sensual and finally warm and comforting with some rosey and baby powder (and so corporeal, for many dirty) kind of accents.  A really decent and attractive cheap fragrance unfortunately a bit hard to find nowadays.

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