Wicked Good 
Gallagher Fragrances (2019)

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There are 1 reviews of Wicked Good by Gallagher Fragrances.

Stripped-to-the-essence gourmand of just milk chocolate, vanilla and tonka, but the last two presented as their truest selves, deep, dark and full of as much olfactory as gustatory allure. This perfume doesn’t feel foodie at all – it says instead: ‘Here are aromas that just so happen to flavour some foods we like.’ Indeed, no-one chews on a vanilla pod or tonka bean.
The chocolate is pretty much the top note; after it fades, it is all about the interplay of close, thick, slightly boozy tones of the pure vanilla and tonka – which somehow evoke impressions of sarcophagi, boot polish and matured tobacco rather than sweet treats. It has the cured and dehydrated properties of these familiar but often debased ingredients – debased because the flavourings derived from them or bearing their names are frequently at quite a remove from how they actually smell.
Whether this dark, monastic perfume is your idea of ‘wicked good’ will depend on your tastes; if you like the authenticity of vanilla and tonka without the usual shovel-of-sugar accompaniment, then this could be just the thing. Personally, I found that, after the settle, my nose interpreted this as the base upon which a lovely perfume could be created rather than the thing itself. So definitely good for layering, if you are of that persuasion.

Aug 8, 2020

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