White Suede 
Tom Ford (2009)

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White Suede by Tom Ford

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White Suede is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of White Suede by Tom Ford

There are 14 reviews of White Suede by Tom Ford.

Balanced notes of suede, light white florals and unlit cigarettes. Reminds me of my youth wearing a vintage suede coat wearing those powerhouse floral scents of the early 2000's white carrying a pack of Winston Lights or Camels. Don't get me wrong, the tobacco/cigarette notes I get are very well done.

Longevity wasn't so great on this though and I'd be hesitant to pull the trigger on a full bottle, but definitely worth trying a decant.

Smooth floral leather, very elegant. The muguet in the beginning is a really nice addition to the leather (which is the same leather as in Tuscan Leather, just a polite and airier version). I can get the rose and sandalwood that, together with the musk, create a soft and plush leather.

Really nice floral-white musk with hints of suede and leather. Totally unisex. Unique in many ways. Has some powdery notes.


Not a bad floral-musk fragrance, White Suede from Tom Ford is not an intense animalic experience per se, but a more subtle, fresh and clean skin scent that either gender can wear without issues.

There is a sensual leather presence that definitely reminds me of suede, being a more toned-down experience than thicker hides. I also get a pleasant ambery powdery finish with White Suede that adds to the positive feel I get.

If you don't expect White Suede to be a wild musky slap in the face, you will appreciate it as the understated, laid-back creation it was meant to be.

A clean white musk scent. Wonderful fragrance, but sits WAY to close to the skin. Sprayed myself at Nordstroms, and by the time I was out of the store, I could only smell it if I lifted my collar to my nose. Great smell, fair longevity, but POOR projection.

Tom Ford White Suede is definitely more my speed than Ombre Leather 16, which just provided a leather-centric accord that is less daring and interesting than Tuscan Leather.

White Suede, by contrast, is a leatehr/floral blend that has quite a unisex appeal. Suede is still the main standout, with contributions from rose, saffron, tea, and amber.

I'm not sure why but it comes off powdery on my skin, a powdery leather floral bit that while walking the unisex line nicely nonetheless comes off as a little feminine, as many powdery fragrances do, and I'd say that this is more exaggerated due to leathers usually being among the most masculine-leaning fragrances.

Performance seems adequate, perhaps slightly better than Ombre Leather 16 but not as good as Tuscan Leather.

FragranceX has this at under $170 so it's on the secondary market at a significant discount from the current retail standard of $225, but I'm not sure I'd spring for a bottle due to the powdery aspect. Still, overall, a pleasant fragrance and a nice softer, unisex alternative to Tuscan Leather.

7 out of 10

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