White Patchouli fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, white peony, coriander
  • Heart

    • rose absolute, jasmine, ambrette seed
  • Base

    • patchouli, blonde woods, incense

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Latest Reviews of White Patchouli

According to Basenotes and Fragrantica, White Patchouli is made by Givaudan, but the sample I'm smelling is labelled Robertet.
(Disclosure : it came from a flea market in Paris - make of that what you will.)
Regardless of what it might actually be, this suede patchouli would be alright if it wasn't so bitter-sharp and chemical.
16th December 2021
A really complex smell that doesn't really do much for me. It's based on that popular mix of rose, patchouli, and sandalwood, but the patchouli is intensely green to the point that it comes off as medicinal and a touch rotten. Meanwhile, it's very mineralic and dry, almost dusty, like someone sprayed a rose perfume on a big, wet, moldy rock. But then it's also kind of plasticky or waxy, like paint fumes or even a touch of bleach.

In a way, I enjoy its sexy hip hop goth steampunk weirdness, needlessly dark and complex but still hot, like one of those music videos where a hot black woman is singing naked in an antique bathtub full of milk. As such, I appreciate it for its artistic statement, but I still feel like its sexy weirdness clashes with my personality enough that I don't really enjoy it.
1st July 2019

An outstanding combo of ingredients! I cannot pick out bergamot but, everything else reveals itself, to me. Not too dry. Not too pungent. It's just right. It has a joyous amount of flower notes.

Happiness, is a warm patchouli.
28th January 2018
This smells very special. It's light but intense. Fresh and sweet. Acid and soft. It just lacks some sillage for it to be perfect.
29th December 2017
White crayon rose skank.
Real Housewives of Patchouli.
Plastic. Floral. Bliss.
15th September 2017
Sometimes I apply scent to help myself feel more dressed and fully stimulated--to help myself sit up straighter. Other times, I use it to help myself feel more less constricted and more relaxed--to help ease my nerves. In those moments, I want something undemanding, something free of too much prissy femininity, something firm but quiet--and something, above all, predictable.

Lavender will do, as will vetiver, but sometimes the former becomes boring and the latter gloomy. Lately, I've added White Patchouli, which is becoming almost a daily ritual, something I use as a stimulant in the morning, or a signal that the hard part of the day is over.

I surprised myself when I liked this stuff, since I really didn't expect to find anything here. The idea of a "clean" patchouli seems oxymoronic, but this stuff works. It hooks a good, camphorated shot of patchouli that clears the head and cools the skin onto a dark rose that fades to a moist ambrette, which settles into a pleasant fug that hangs very close to the skin. In other words, it's a very dry, slightly tart update of a 70's rose chypre along the liens of Coriandre, with an emphasis the more aromatic dimensions of the patchouli and not a hint of the swamp. Not much happens, but not much needs to happen when something makes you feel so calm and stimulated at the same time.

White Patch is the opposite of thought-provoking. It's just a comfortable scent that feels welcome in the context where I wear it, because I'm usually getting out of or into pajamas when I put this on. (It's also the only perfume I can tolerate when I get migraines--and then I actually crave it--go figure). No grand statements here--just a sense of feeling at ease with the world, with a little retro vibe on the side.
28th April 2016
My wife purchased WP about a month ago and I can always tell when she's wearing it. To me it's a pretty elegant and feminine patchouli scent that is pleasingly light. Owning several masculine patchouli fragrances, I find the WP composition an accurate and fairly authentic patchouli that has just enough floral note to sweeten it. It is somewhat linear, in that it smells exactly the same every time I smell it, same in the morning as in the end of the day. My wife does say it starts off a bit detergent like but settles into a sweetened patchouli after about 30 minutes. I like it and give it a Thumbs Up.
8th December 2015
White Patchouli by Tom Ford has been criticized for being too sterile and for drying down to laundry detergent. While, I do not entirely disagree with this–yes, the patchouli is cleaned-up, and yes the musk is a little like laundry detergent–the fragrance somehow holds its own among all of the other designer fruity patchouli offerings. Instead of a heavy dose of benzoin, tonka, or candy, this patchouli is balanced by white florals–the best example of this can be found in Noir Patchouli by Histoires de Parfums, which is a take no prisoners type of fragrance. WP, on the other hand, is an approachable option for people who want a patchouli fragrance but are not looking for candy. I can't think of many other fragrances that provide this option. Pleasures by EL has an army of flankers and it's too bad one of them doesn't feature a large dose of patchouli (sans candy) because, as WP has demonstrated, it actually does work.


PS–If you really like the opening of WP, but are disappointed by the dry down, try applying a little coconut oil to your skin before applying. Spraying on hair and clothing can also help.
26th July 2015
A perfectly balance between tradition and modernity is one of the best characteristics in TOM FORD fragrances in my mind.regardless this EDP is not as special&seductive as BLACK ORCHID but for me this chypre floral is still both strong and wildly alluring but not in a decadent way. fresh,chic,subtle, sensuous, captivating,exotic and laudable.

It opens with fresh and dizzy by bergamot cool peony,elegant rose and jasmine reminiscent an imaginary bouquet of fresh flowers while the base gains sensuality and warmth from patchouli and evoking memories of hot parties because it makes a unexpectedly intimate impression and it is also impressive when you are alone.

BLACK ORCHID dry down has more depth and seduction than this.WHITE PATCHOULI is perfect in the rainy weather.it is not absolutely feminine and i highly recommend this EDP for a Self confident character who don't afraid of competition above all everybody who likes patchouli scent and also a must have for those who likes all the types of perfumes.
11th May 2015
It's definitely a patchouli, but it's patchouli that's ashamed to announce itself as such, instead stylized under a series of lens flares and glimmering white lights. It has a draped, gauzy feel that's a tad powdery, and it creates an olfactory image of cream and tan textures and fabrics. There's a touch of rose peeking through, but barely enough to be identified as such. The overall feel is sort of a hazy, soft-focus, and dreamy kind of scent, but it's a bit let down by a miserable department store precooked bases. All in all, a polite balsamic thing over a textbook synth-sandalwood base. Unambitious in all possible ways, but a solid enough offering for someone wanting a light, non-Woodstock patch.
31st October 2014
White Patchouli is decadent. This fragrance just makes my senses go wild. Patchouli is my second favorite scent, the first is vetiver. This fragrance combines the patchouli with white flowers but in a way that is not to girly. It smells elegant and sophisticated. I think it should be classified as unisex. I wear it now and then and when I do, the compliments just keep coming.
18th September 2014
This smells heartwarmingly close in composition to Strange Invisible Perfume's captivating Lyric Rain, but doesn't exude the same weary melancholy. It is a spicy, very natural patchouli supported by a touch of bright bergamot and a soft tea rose heart. There is also a spicy melange of an accord that comes off as 'white pepper potpourri.' An excellent and simple spiced white floral with decent longevity and quality ingredients.
24th June 2014