White Musk Libertine fragrance notes

    • Turkish delight, Chantilly cream, orchid, musk

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The opening of White Musk Libertine EDP seems to be out of balance. A lot of alcohol bursts out with overwhelming sweet honey, cream and rose. However, given a few minutes to allow it settle down, the balance among these ingredients is recovered. Although it's not an exact replica of turkish delight, this creamy compostion certainly has several characteristics of this delicious confectionary and vaguely reminds me of it. The scent doesn't evolve much afterwards, but simply fades away. And the musk is not very prominent on my skin. The sillage of EDP is close to skin and the longevity is about 6 hours.

The EDT concentration opens quite balanced like the EDP once settled down. However, it soon loses its strength and waters down. I thus largely prefer EDP once the opening has passed.
14th January 2019
This is a creamy, yummy dessert in a bottle. Starts off wonderfully musky but fresh, then settles into a sweet Turkish delight and honey smell that's slightly warm. Light enough for warm weather, comforting enough for cool weather, so an all round winner in my books! Definitely wasn't expecting something so fantastic for the price tag when I first tried this, but I have fallen totally in love with this. Perfect for days when you don't really feel like wearing perfume.
7th November 2012

This was a risky purchase for me as I don't like the original White Musk. It was also a blind purchase, bought purely to be polite at a Body Shop fundraiser. I liked the sound of the Turkish Delight, chantilly cream, and orchid notes, but had no great hopes they would actually deliver. How wrong I was! You can definitely smell the White Musk base, but without the, (to my nose), spiky notes that used to catch in my throat. Libertine is creamy, slightly baby powdery. It hints at Turkish delight but is not sweet in the gourmand sense. Sillage is good at first but after an hour or so, it sits close to the skin in a really lovely way and is one of those fragrances that has you sniffing your wrists like a loon. I'm going to stock up on this and the other products in the range before it gets discontinued!
I don't care if it's not niche, I can definitely see this becoming a staple in my perfume wardrobe, and I'm also going to try layering it with some other fragrances. I'm really happy I bought this!
12th April 2012