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It opens with a strong rubbing alcohol note and dries down to a mix of (synthetic) flowers.

Picked up a sample from Decantshop as they had it and I remember some youtuber praising it. Myself, I was expecting a white musk like in AdG and another fragrance I had in mind at the time but forgot, some MFK I think.

I don't get any "white musk" at all, not even the non-animalic kind.

I was gonna rate it neutral as the scent is still pleasant - although too feminine to me - but this stuff costs around 52€(~64$) for 100ml, that made me rate it negative.

This is worth maybe 15-20 bucks per 100ml. Quality is Bruno Banani/Beckham tier, yet an entry level designer price is asked.
22nd December 2020
Clean, soapy and musk. This scent (from start to finish) is close to Kiehl's Original Musk dry down only. So overall it is a good juice just no sillage. You may get noticed with 8+ sprays multiple times a day. Safe blind buy for sure especially for layering. Enjoy!
6th July 2019

Very clean, sopay scent with some spice to it.

It's a good work or casual scent IMO.

Very good price too (got it for $15 on Amazon).
31st December 2016
Great scent!
Althoughbit lacks longevity,it "screams" clean and sexy.
Great and safe blind-buy!
Happy sniffing.
27th February 2016
White Musk for Men is a good, clean, refreshing and likeable scent. Very versatile and no reason why anyone would turn their noses to it. To me, it's simplicity also lends it a sense of comfort - like an undershirt: it is not complex or to some may not be complete, but it has its purpose.

Contrary to some opinions here, I do get very good longevity out of White Musk for Men. So I often use it as a base on top of which I layer scents like Prada Infusion D'Iris EDP - they layer beautifully and to me I find that White Musk for Men eventually outlast Prada Infusion D'Iris as a skin scent.

So thumbs up for White Musk for Men - agree that I won't pay a lot for it so it's good I got it for $25 for a 100ml bottle. It sure has its uses. Get it if you can at a good price...
19th November 2015
as much powder as bvl notte maybe more with a musk base. very appealing comfort scent. also a compliment getter. very cheap online nowadays!!!
27th January 2013
I'm amazed I like this, since I hate white musk. This is a great one, linear yet complex. It does not smell like shampoo or laundry detergent.

The musk is very prominent from beginning to end, but there are green notes, woody and spicy notes very carefully blended in with the musk to make it crisp and aromatic. Smells almost identical to the drydown in Creed's Original Vetiver. A great fragrance for a great price.

MY RATING: 8.5/10

12th August 2012
Smells very similar to L'Occitane's Eau Des Baux to my nose.
30th May 2012
Extremely masculine musk with its agreement of windy and green lavender, astringent flowers (a stiff geranium) and a final base of powdery woodsy, smoky tonka, vetiver and ambergris. The musky base is cool, spicy-rooty and virile though linear and monolithic. Synthetic but decent, cheap and long lasting.
8th May 2012
very musky and sweet.. i dont love or hate it but find it quite neutral.. i prefer white musk sport by the body shop.. its alot better and smells more expensive
26th September 2011
Clean is the word for this perfume, squaky clean just out of the shower and sorry but not opening notes, no heart notes either, this baby goes right to basenotes in a hurry. I do not detect any flowers on it but a musk note that overwhelms everything, and as it musk is not sweet enough, tonka bean is the squire to the musk knight. Some sandalwood and vetiver remain in the background but all the glory goes to this musk/tonka pair as they march this very linear perfume to its end.
To enjoy this perfume you must like musk very much and do not look for development here because this scent is as linear as it could be.
Like most Body Shop perfumes, longevity is poor and sillage is mediocre, but the scent is so pleasant that it would get my thumbs up.
5th September 2011
I've owned this for about 5-6 weeks now and can say that this is one of my best buys, especially considering the price. Comparisons to Armani Code are accurate, it's like a lighter musky version, it smells very clean and makes you feel doubly clean when worn after a shower/bath!

Longevity isn't bad either, 5-8 hours depending on application for me, which is pretty good as my skin swallows cologne. I'd say this is very inoffensive to fans of musk and to people in general. For the price you pay i'd say it's a great deal. I use it at least once a week and own about 30 frags, overall im really pleased with this 1.
21st March 2011