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Jo Malone London (2007)

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White Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone London

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Reviews of White Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone London

There are 21 reviews of White Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone London.

Green tea essence with mint on top. I don't smell jasmine, but there's a generic milky floral quality that registers to me more like a creamy ylang.

I don't really like green tea perfumes or mint perfumes, so I suppose there was never any chance of this winning me over, but I have to admit that the creamy floral aspect is nice. That being said, this smells more like an inexpensive candle than a proper perfume to me.

Very feminine scent that is so-so, to me at least.

White Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone would not be a scent I'd wear, but that's not why I rate it as a neutral. WJ&M is a green floral that has a jasmine here that is too outside of my normal expectation - like it's a different flower entirely that is beyond my comfort level. Mint smells a bit average, and along with the mate's bitter softening effect on the white jasmine, I couldn't quite connect with this scent.

On a lady, it'd smell okay, not fantastic. Clearly, this is an acquired taste scent, and I'm not loving it. :-/

This was a blind buy as the notes were exactly what I've been looking for but this did not work for me , I wish so bad this had but it made me quite nauseous . It was a blast of very strong room fragrance . After an hour it developed into a very lovely scent . Not worth it for me and I returned the bottle .

The jasmine is nice and the mint very restrained on me. Smidgens of bergamot, cassis and orange flower are in the drydown. A youthful and clean scent with poor projection but a very good longevity of over four hours on me. Not exciting but good for layering.

Got a sample of this and several others from the Jo Malone rep at Bloomingdales. I would say it's an okay fragrance.

I tried it alone and really didn't like it at all. It just does not smell like a true jasmine to me. Then I layered it with Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia. It did nothing for the Gardenia. Finally I layered it yesterday with Jo Malone Orange Blossom and it made the Orange Blossom some alive. This is a good combination. Don't like either the Orange Blossom or the White Jasmine Mint enough to purchase.

I do not know why this is classified as unisex. It is emphatically, unambiguously feminine. An intensely sexy, heavy feminine. If humans had pheromones this would be what estrous smells like. (Gettin' sweaty now.) Yet it's classy - people throw that around - like you can smell the dollars per ounce. It's the fragrance equivalent of an expensive clingy cocktail dress that shows everything and coyly protests innocence - or not.

No guy should wear this.

From the below reviews, I guess this is a love-it-or-hate-it frag! It works very well on me. I get some aromatic mint and green in the top notes after a brief alcohol blast, then lots of slightly-creamy jasmine, drying down to a pleasant woody musk. The mint and jasmine do indeed complement each other on my skin, though the mint note is gone in about 15 minutes for those who are not fans. Longevity is decent, especially for a Jo Mallone, but sillage is light. It's my go-to when I need a lighter fragrance.

Not sure about this one. At the top, the jasmine and certainly the mint are there, but they're hidden behind a green-herby wall that the mint might be at least partially responsible for. This mint isn't a mouthwash mint or a candy or gum mint, it's pretty close to just crushing some mint in your hands and smelling it - it has that green-ness to it, but is a little more herbaceous, a little more powerful than mint itself. The jasmine always feels like it's taking a back seat. A fair bit of citrus in there, too. doesn't work. These notes just don't come together. In fact, they hate each other, and who wants a war on their skin?

Very puzzling. Not jasmine. Not mint. Kind of a marigold/curry on me. Really. Maybe they put the wrong stuff in my sample. Not very appealing.

I only got a big blast of alcohol on the first spray at the Jo Malone counter...very dissapointed...

This is a scent I am afraid of. A scrubber. It's a very strange marriage of strong mint and jasmine- somehow in the Jo Malone 'style'- they don't go well together - at least on my skin. It's sickening. Horrid.

Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint EDCNotes: jasmine, lily, orange flower, rose, mint (from, White Jasmine & Mint contains MINT--creamy, slightly cooling, on the verge of being edible, but thankfully not like any toothpaste I've ever encountered. The jasmine note is rather abstract. In fact, Jo Malone's own Orange Blossom smells more of jasmine than WJM does. Later in the development, some of the same orange blossom note used in Orange Blossom EDC comes forth, and is substantially more subtle here than in OB. Overall the fragrance is pleasant--light, rather clean for a jasmine fragrance, and a tad soapy. WJM is incredibly short lived with very little sillage. It is a great alternative to the scads of "clean" scents on the market, but is still a bit of a wallflower fragrance. Its ability to stay in the background and not make much of a statement could work for some who are tired of fragrances like Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert.

I agree that JM lacks depth. This was my least likable JM fragrance - all mint for me all the way (of the spearmint variety too) and kept waiting for the Jasmine. Maybe it was there?? HATE this fragrance (yes that's a strong word) and was nauseated by it.

I only get a very faint jasmine and can't really discern the mint -- more like a bright herbaceousness that I find hard to define. This is pleasant, though not charming like others in the line. If you are looking for a subtle, non-indolic jasmine, try this on for size.

Another impressive achievement from Jo Malone. I typically dislike mint, and find jasmine troublesome, but here there is just enough mint to take the indolic, dirty edge off the jasmine. The mint does get a bit much mid-way through, but overall the result is beautifully balanced, shining and uplifting.

Mint, mint and more mint. Then a bit of minted jasmine. Then, a little more mint. This was my JM White Jasmine & Mint experience. As a fragrance note, I don't personally enjoy mint. I think this is why many Creed's have been off putting for me, as many of them seem to contain that blasted herb. Bulgari's Au The' Verte also seems to possess the dreaded mint - but for some reason the Bulgari is likeable. Well, at least the jasmine here is beautiful. It is dry, which is to say "not sweet", and very fresh smelling. All prejudices aside, this is a unique and lovely combination. Close wearing with decent staying power. Easily unisex, I actually might prefer this one on a man.

Nice florals here, very pretty. The jasmine and lily notes are prominent. I don't get much mint at all. Pleasant, I'm not into lily so I'm just neutral on it. But this is a fine scent, it's just not my style.

Fresh, delicate, and very pretty. On me this is quite minty at first, and it remains minty for awhile. Luckily for me, this is not a chewing-gum, sweet mint. It's herbal and earthy. When the jasmine appears, it is striking; slightly rosy and very clear. The jasmine/rose notes are nothing like those in the old-fashioned type fragrances Honeysuckle & Jasmine and Red Roses. It's a clear jasmine, almost dry, without sweetness. The scent base reminds me of chamomile tea. Overall this fragrance is relaxing, laid-back, soft. One of the finest for hot weather.

It really smells like fresh mint and light flowers and is perfect for a summer day. It's very nice and feminine, but lacks depht. I recommend it with other Jo Malone scents, to make it more interesting: Amber and Lavender, for a fresh unisex herbal cologne, Pomegranate Noir for a very feminine, spicy perfume and Lime Basil and Mandarin if mohito is your favourite drink, as the mix smells just like the mint, lime and rum cocktail.

I get mainly mint all the way through with just a hint of florals. It's pleasant enough and I'll use the 30ml I purchased, but won't go back for more. The JM range seems to lack something imo -- maybe depth. What you smell on the card is what you get at the end -- there are no moves I can detect - if you like the initial burst, you'll be fine. The Honeysuckle is lovely for women though.Kaern

Notes from The Scented Salamander:"White Jasmine & Mint Cologne is a fresh floral featuring the exclusive Jo Malone mint accord of wild mint and peppermint leaf at the head and a heart accord of Jo Malone heirloom jasmine, sourced from local jasmine farms in the South of France.Other top notes include camomile, coriander, cardamom, bergamot, mace and cassis. The heart holds ylang ylang, orange flower, rose de mai absolut and muguet, drying down to a base of cedar, Jo Malone musk, mate absolut, vetiver, prune and guaiac."I love and respect Jo Malone...although I don't think this is her fragrance...didn't she leave before the development of this scent? Anywho...I adore it wholeheartedly! I wondered originally why they released this in fall...what a mistake I thought! NOT! This is spicy and musky upon dry-down. Perfect for fall/winter, and probably just as perfect for spring/summer.As all Jo Malone scents, this is a gentle and non-obtrusive perfume, allowing the wearer a secret to share with only those she chooses to let close to her skin (also "he"...this is indeed a unisex scent). Not brash, not overpowering...but quiet and enticing. I hate orientals, but can finally get the spice/musk without the vanilla/amber scream. What a relief!Upon first spray, the jasmine is soft, and not sickeningly sweet. It's bouyed by the chamomile/mint and spices which temper the top...nothing screams in this formula. And I'm a fool for jasmine...this is truly lovely. (Has anybody been to Las Vegas and walked through the Bellagio's innumerable jasmine bushes? Oh, god...the scent is divine. Jo Malone is not like this though...just my mind wandering.) Anyhow, the top (not too quickly) attenuates to a smoldering musky, spicy jasmine. This is when I made the connection to a Mojito. It smelled very similar to a beguilingly dryish Mojito on my skin. Very compelling. Drydown 6 hours later is just as interesting as the first spray. Musky, spicy tea-ish. A real fall/winter scent, and I'm dancing with joy because I have a choice now other than the nasty orientals. Can't say I'd wear this at night though...I see it as a daytime fragrance, which is just fine for me.Sillage is very, very surprise there, although this particular scent lasts for a long, long time close to the least 8 hours. Can't wait to purchase while fall is still in the air. Donations?

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