White Fir fragrance notes

    • orange, ginger, white fir, clove, anise, pine, musk, vetiver, oakmoss

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Latest Reviews of White Fir

Primarily this is a pine tree on me, but the other notes lend a lovely harmony underneath and change it from "I just loaded the Christmas tree into the truck" to "I am wearing a gorgeous holiday scent that makes everyone want to stand closer to me." Nice!!
3rd February 2023
White Fir is a brilliant take on the needle resin of the White Fir tree. It has strong nuances of orange/citrus mixed with the smell of coniferous resin, some ginger, and vetiver are what I smell the most prominently. This is a glorious fragrance that makes my heart sing! A true jewel for a Conehead like me! Thanks so much Pineward Fragrances for creating another fragrance that is a "10"!!!
18th December 2022