White Diamonds fragrance notes

  • Head

    • amazon lily, neroli, aldehyde
  • Heart

    • tuberose, narcisse, turkish rose, jasmine, orris
  • Base

    • amber, oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood

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An elegant, ladylike day scent, White Diamonds should be an inescapable modern classic. Instead, it is a road less travelled. Made with high-quality ingredients, but Unfortunately, as with most classics, the later formulations don't translate well because the use of too many synthetic replacements - they end up smelling cheap and lifeless. The lighter colored are like re-using teabags, the soul's already been sucked out.

It’s opening is dazzling, almost enchanting with it's sparkling aldehyde, airiness and fruits. It feels expansive and impressive, like the large iron gates are opening up so I can come in. It gives way to a delicious, well rounded floral woody accord that dominates this scent until its dry down. The white florals are rich, sweet and feminine, yet somehow manage to not overwhelm. Ylangylang, jasmine and tuberose stand out. The rose note creeps in a little later, and powdery orris emerges as it begins to dry down. The florals are complemented throughout by softly spicy notes that put White Diamonds firmly in the eighties spicebomb fragrance category.

The end of this perfume is divine. What remains on your skin is the aura of those perfume which are "the ones you want to die with". A powdery soapy, innocent, clean amber and oakmoss, dripped with light white honey. Yes, a light cream of moss imbued permanently but slightly of tuberose, jasmine, ylang, with some survived green flashing lights.  This scent commands respect: it’s self assured, assertive, maternal, steadfast, smooth, romantic (though not sexy), and has depth. I picture the woman wearing this scent to certainly be older and more mature, with a very particular and definitive taste. I imagine her having a tight bun, always being put together (in dress and in character), and generally wearing shades of brown. She is as eloquent as her eyes are sharp, and every thing she does is with purpose. I would imagine her as a strict but fair professor perhaps.
6th March 2023
I picked up a rollerball of this today from CVS. I'm that odd guy who likes to try all kinds of scents, whether marketed to men or women. I tend toward fragrances with base notes of amber, sandalwood and patchouli, so after dry down, this really works for me. The aldehyde and white florals are very nice, and on me very reminiscent of Chanel #5, which both my wife and I love on me.
9th July 2020

A very bright, thick, white-floral perfume from Elizabeth Taylor.

Lily is immediately evident as a central player in this scent, and all the other notes seem to dance around it to create different accords: Herbal, floral, slightly resinous, creamy, earthy, and powdery. White Diamonds is slightly in the fougere class of scents, which gives it an old-school 1980's flair to it (but not in a gawdy, outdated way).

White Diamonds has gone on 25 years and counting as a staple at department and discount stores alike, and to this day it remains a classy, rich experience for women.
6th February 2019
This was one of the more perfumed Christmases I've had in a while. On one end of the spectrum, my husband's gift of D.S. & Durga's Durga EDP. At the other, a White Diamonds gift set, purchased by an elderly family friend who admits she knows nothing about perfume but knows that I love it and the "lady at Walmart" said this was very pretty. It was a touching gesture, and after doing some reading I was excited to give it a go.

If you can make it through its aldehydic, intensely soapy opening, you'll be rewarded with an oldfashioned medley of sweet florals with just a hint of carnation-ey spice. Which is fun while it lasts, because the soap eventually reappears about an hour later and stays there for the dry down. At this point, White Diamonds smells not so much like something Liz Taylor wannabes would dab along their decolletage as a means of seduction and more like the kind of squeaky-clean-smelling soap that might be handed out by prim headmistresses at an all-girls boarding school.

Two hours later–poof!–it's gone. Maybe that's because it costs about a buck and some pennies to make but, still, it's an interesting relic of pop cultural perfumery and well worth sniffing while it lasts.
15th January 2019
Massive top notes. In your face, with only two sprays. Sparkling and intense flower & aldehyde cocktail. Although the tuberose stands out, the flowers in the heart are all well-blended. Still, a very heavy perfume through the middle. This one, has always turned heads. Like Giorgio Beverly Hills from the old days, a little goes a long way. WD is a white floral with attitude.

There is a sheer lipstick accord layer, after time. The tuberose stays all through wearing. The base is somewhat loud, too, with its amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. Longevity is never-ending.
25th December 2018
This was my signature scent for about 10 years (ages 23-33). I understand this one is widely reviled, but on me it must have been divine ... so many compliments, people wanting to hug and smell me (as strange as that sounds). I sprayed lightly ... hence, I wore the perfume, it didn't wear me. The right chemistry, style and personality are essential to pull it off.

I no longer wear it because it became ubiquitous and boring, but I can't wait to add White Diamonds Night to my collection ... that one is another WOW on me.
9th September 2017
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