White Cherry Blossom fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sicilian bergamot, lemon zest, juicy plum, crisp apple, freesia, lush green accord
  • Heart

    • lychee, cherry blossom, tuberose, super hedione, water lily
  • Base

    • musk, melon, sandalwood, rosewood

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White Cherry Blossom is the perfect example of how my Bath & Body Works fragrance experience goes:First I take a whiff of the sample bottle. If I am not totally repulsed I will apply fragrance (usually lotion or spray) to my wrist or hands. Usually, I am fond of the topnotes and proceed to purchase ~ which is especially easy because the cost is so very reasonable. By the time I arrive home, the scent has morphed into something completely unlike it's original form and the unused product gets shoved to the back of my bathroom cabinet. There it sits happily ever after. In it's youth, White Cherry Blossom is bright, crisp and fresh. Clean and springlike too. As it ages, however, it joins many of it's distant cousins in my bathroom mausoleum of B&BW rejects...amen.
25th April 2007