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A light delicate feminine floral perfume based on mostly white flowers. White Champac and orange blossoms cover a faint hint of pink lotus and jasmine. Delicacy is maintained by using absolutes of hay and beeswax to impart soft warm green notes, which are, in turn supported by a base of sandalwood, frankincense and a light vanilla courtesy of benzoin resin. A daytime fragrance delicate enough for warm balmy evenings.

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This is one of those dense, hard to pin down natural perfumes. There are definitely flowers, and they're sort of spicy, almost like there's a pinch of clove. There are subtle woods and quite a bit of some sort of resin. Like many of these sort of flower/resin natural perfumes, it ends up smelling like fish food on me, or more specifically like a big wooden box of dirty shells from a trip to the beach, somehow sweet and floral.

While most of the natural perfumes that have this weird fishy undertone smell like terrible messes, White Blooms feels somehow better composed, but I still don't really care for it. Alec Lawless was a great and generous friend of Basenotes and a very interesting expert on natural ingredients, but I don't think this one's for me...
Jan 31, 2014

This is innocent and sexy in an intelligent manner Audrey Hepburn would have loved. Such a pleasure, also, to be smelling white blossoms rather than screechy-blaring-in-your-face “WHITE BLOSSOMS.” Like the milky bosom of a Courbet canvas compared to Hollywood’s contemporary silicon balloons, sensuous, yet tasteful.
Jul 3, 2011

I do like this one very much probably because I love all white flowers. I've smelled this before, but didn't know it was the champac flower that brought the enjoyment to my nose. Woke up in the morning with it still noticeable which is a plus for good staying power. I didn't know there was any vanilla in it till I read about it in the ingredients. If I was in the market for a white flower- I'd buy a bottle, but I got that huge big tuberose from L' Artisian, so I'm all white flowered up right now.

If you're a white flower lover, you'll take to this. It makes you smile and cheers you up.
Nov 29, 2010

Have you ever watched a movie where the action or most interesting part happens in the first 30 minutes before it rambles off into boring, cliched territory that naturally puts you to sleep? Only this time the movie is more of a short story called 'WHITE BLOOMS'.
Nov 3, 2010

White Blooms is a light, pleasant white floral… but not your typical white floral. To my nose it is much less floral than green – the florals are almost completely dominated by the green balsam note. The major impact of the fragrance is a very nice accord but it is a bit lacking character, as far as I’m concerned. It’s light and attractive… it’s not synthetic or otherwise disagreeable… but it is just not quite fetching enough to earn a thumb’s up.
Nov 1, 2010

Nice floral scent which starts with unusual notes to my nose; are they the pink lotus or the white champac? am not sure...I can detect a heart of jasmine and rose and a nice base of sandalwood...A very light and refined scent with the right longevity for this type of composition.Big thumbs up...!!!
Nov 1, 2010

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