Whiskey Reserve fragrance notes

    • crisp apple, single malt whiskey, white oak

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Applewood whiskey
With white pepperwood wind-down
Will win well-wishes

While one will wonder
Why whiffs of wondrous whiskey
Waxed wild thence to wane

Whereupon whisps of
Woody whispers wandered whence
What would scarce remain

Whiskey's abstinence
Once withheld with prominence
Welcomes wither's way

Woodn't due to stay
Wokemoss wasting with wee light
Won't put up a fight

Wouldn't wish upon
Woody wood note wearathon
Whiskey's wan Reserve

What would weak will serve?
Will one wish florevermore?
Or would barmaid pour

What we won't ignore?
When Whisktopia is here
Wake one from would's beer!


A very enjoyable release from B&BW, with a kind of apple jack start and a whiskey middle over a woody base.  The whiskey-prominent parts are quite enthralling, while the remainder is merely enjoyable, and reminiscent of older high-quality B&BW offerings.  If absence makes the heart grow fonder, enjoy the drydown, but if the heart grows weary, refresh accordingly. 
3rd February 2023
Easily the most impressive B&BW release for men since Oak. Speaking of which, there is oak listed in the notes for this one. Stick to what you know, I guess. Reserve doesn't change much during its stay but it sure does Last. I would've much preferred a woodier or even mossier base to the almost cloying coumarin/tonka thing that every house is doing these days but what keeps me interested here is the sour apple top that somehow remains throughout the wear. I have always loved Nicole Miller for Men (I was wearing it when I bought this) but have also always been frustrated with how quickly the top dissolves. Fans of NM may very well enjoy this in a similar way, though it lacks the leathery mossy depth of the other. All in all a swell scent from a bath products outfit, and it lasts all day.
31st October 2022