West Indian Lime fragrance notes

    • limes, lemon, orange flower, vetiver, nutmeg, ginger, coriander, juniper, cedar, sandalwood

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A wonderful lime with a warm vetiver and a slightly spicy ginger snap! I enjoy this fragrance from the opening through the dry down. It's also very reasonably priced, which is very welcome. Recommended...
10th July 2016
The fragrance remind me of the summer fresh feeling. The scent is clean and not overpowered. It compliment well with the west Indian lime after shave balm. The scent is really make me feel relax and can be quite addictive. It urges me to spray more as it does not seems to last more than 3 hrs. I wish they make the parfume or higher concentration version of this.
26th June 2016

My second C&E fragrance (my first being Sandalwood). I rather like this one. When I tested it my initial reaction was "Hairspray!!". I wasn't too enamoured of it but having worn it proper for a couple of days now, I've rather come to like it.

If you would prefer sweet, straight on Lime you'll be better off gong with Trumpers Extract of Limes which is beautifully sweet and fruity but gone in minutes.

The C&E on offer here is a little more refined and described on the website thus; Fresh limes and vetiver blended with nutmeg, ginger, coriander, and juniper.

The fresh blast of lime you get initially soon settles down to a clean, effervescent sort of smell that rests nicely for several hours. Never over powering but just present enough. The lime remains but takes a lower presence after a short while. What remains is an individual scent that stands apart from the bland crowd but in a cool way.

Finally, it is supported by a full range of complimentary products; shower gel, balm etc and for the price is a nice offering.

Fruity, clean, different, fun.
6th March 2014
Brilliant fragrance. Very zesty and fresh! It opens with a blast of freshly squeezed lime juice and stays that way throughout. Simple but great.

Note: The bottle I have is a vintage formulation called "Extract of West Indian and Sicilian Limes", Coincidentally that version is also one of Prince Charles' personal fragrances... so apparently you should wear this if you want to feel like a British Royal heir!

Highly recommended for summer and all year round!
21st November 2013
Another good, inexpensive one from Crabtree & Evelyn. A crisp, refreshing lime, combined with a grassy vetiver, which comes to the fore as the lime fades. There's a bit of sparkle from the added ginger note, similar to the effect obtained in Declaration Cologne. Thanks to the vetiver component I find this has good lasting power (6 hours from 4 sprays) but the sillage is weak. Oh well, I can smell it, which is the main thing. A nice one for someone keen on safe, fresh and clean scents. P.S. the matching shaving cream is good too.
26th January 2013
The lime is equally matched on my skin with coriander, in the form of both its seed and leaf. To me the coriander seed gives the lime/citrus an earthy, woody dimension, while its leaf adds a touch of green, soapiness that many associate with cilantro.
9th January 2013
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