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West Broadway fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lime, crisp green notes
  • Heart

    • lily of the valley, lime blossom, mat?
  • Base

    • sheer musk

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This opens weird with a rather caustic mix of hairspray aldehydes and ozone, giving the illusion of carcinogenic industrial fertilizer and sour body odor. I have no idea why anyone would chose to start a fragrance like this, but points for being different, even if it's rather gross.

This plasticky haze settles quickly as the the mid-notes make their way in. They're really hard to discern - the listed notes had me expecting greens, but it's more of a plastic fruity abstraction that implies flowers more than an identifiable smell.

Given time, it all settles down into a subtle ionone violet/suede combo, spiced with lingering clove and cinnamon (which were apparently what was giving the illusion of fruit earlier). This stage is nicely done, but weak and not (for me) worth sitting through the earlier unpleasantness.
21st May 2022
Pleasant fresh-green opening that after several hours develops into a floral drydown with a bit of sweetness that remains a bit nonspecific on my skin. The base is a lightweight generic musk of little distinction. Silage and longevity of this warmer-weather scent are very good and the longevity excellent at eight hours, but in this case this is not enough for a thumbs up.
29th May 2014

potent but not special West Broadway is at first very astringent but soon mellows down to a rich sweet floral. After an hour on my skin incense kicks in. From then on it develops a sweet powdery accord and remains fairly sweet and linear BUT lasts for good 10 hours. After 3 hours WB doesn't project that much but if you like this kind of perfumes this will delight you because it lingers on for so long. Unfortunately for me it didn't work as the most interesting part was the incense phase but then the overall floral sweet theme was too much. WB by Bond no.9 is definitely a well made eau de parfum with the quality and longevity an eau de parfum ought to have but few do. Pros: extraordinary longevityCons: nothing special
2nd June 2013
Is this the unsung Hero by Bond no 9? Maybe...

This scent is totally unique as it provides an unusual blend of citrus notes with possibly incense, cannabis and musk...

Very different from everything else I have tried before...

I would recommend using it in spring/summer as the scent is a bit on the light side; although it does last a good while.

Big thumbs up...!
3rd April 2011
Absolutely beautiful and sexy perfume. I have tried hard and this perfume is the winner of collecting complements from men (none from ladies). I do not smell any lime, no crisp green notes either. Some Lilies, and a lot of Roses, sweet summer roses from Greece or Italy. Vanilla is added just to make men crazy, it is the vanilla used for Chanel 5. No hesitation there, it is a celebration of love, desire and lust. It stays on for a long time, and musk just gives it a modern twist.
2nd July 2010
Sweet, sweet, sweet floral, as inviting as warm sun in a beautiful wooded surrounding. I love West Broadway. The scent is similar to a Trapp candle I once smelled, Scent #1 Summer Flowers, and the fragrance wears beautifully. The lime at the opening moves quick and the scent residing in the center is lush and romantic. This is one of the better Bond scents because of the seamless blending and longevity.
9th August 2009
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