Perfumer Shawn Maher says:

Founded by German immigrants searching for a new home after fleeing an authoritarian rule in the 19th century, the Missouri Rhineland is named after its German counterpart due to the similar rich, fertile soil along the sloping banks of the Missouri River. The Missouri Weinstrasse, a region my ancestors helped grow, features many wineries with sweet, white wines in the German tradition, along winding countryside roads.

This fragrance aims to reimagine the fougère with a white grape top note and a lush, dense supporting cast of flora and fauna that could be found on the winding trails, perfect for a beautiful day with no particular destination in mind.

Weinstrasse fragrance notes

    • white grape, honeysuckle, iris, blackcurrant bud, helichrysum, sandalwood, coumarin, oakmoss, musk

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This is a really unique scent --more of a journey than a "smell". The initial burst of boozy sweet white grape settles own quickly to incorporate the fall leaves on the vine and rich loamy ground, black currents pop in releasing bits of wild ripeness. Honeysuckle and iris wind in and out as the scent settles in. I find myself sniffing at my arm as the new scents emerge. A lovely sandalwood, oakmoss, and sedate musk thrum underneath and hold through drydown. It feels like a fall day spent in the first days of fall. My uncle and I like it equally, so definitely crosses the gender gap with ease. Wears 6-8 hours on me, moderate to strong sillage; wouldn't recommend for office. Nice for informal active day, or curled up reading books.
7th November 2020