Reviews of Weekend for Women by Burberry

The perfumes of today smell different they use different materials. People think it is an older persons perfume because from that generation the perfumes had the same materials. Weekend is a really good-mood scent for everyday you want to feel energetic and happy. I imagine this on a 30-year old woman who is very caring and gentle but professional; secondary school teacher. Whoever she is always slightly dressed up and adores wearing smart clothes. Skirts, blazers, clean lines-that's her style beautiful, sophisticated but understated.

It starts off quite fresh and settles into a warm, yummy, powdery scent. The iris, hyacinth, rose and violet create a wonderfully feminine floral composition. The scent is not necessarily' fruity' but more what someone else referred to it as 'juicy'. It has a watery edge gradually wears down, the fragrance becomes warmer and more inviting. It feels clean and warm, like early morning in summer, but there's nothing sharp, harsh or soapy going on. In a way it's a 'safe' fragrance, but i don't mean that negatively-this is very likeable, attractive and likeable. Weekend works like a charm on a person with a right chemistry.
15th July 2022
Probably my favorite Burberry. Was a gift to me from a friend. Weekend is a soft, sheer, laid back fruity floral. Not too quiet or too loud. Understated and confident. Not too sharp or too sweet but well balanced. I almost get an impression of pear– like a candied or canned pear. Casual and clean smelling. The most uplifting and free spirited of all the Burberry scents I have tried, including Touch and Burberry Brit. I find those too sweet. A nice inexpensive scent to have to grab when I don't know what else to wear and don't want to think about it too much. Nice versatile, casual daytime scent.
27th April 2020

The opening blast with its mandarin and lovely green mossy notes is rounded up by a woody impression. The drydown combines a strong iris with a fruity pear-peachy core, that merges with a bright rose and honey - lovely!

The base with its musk and woodsy components is the least exciting part on my skin, but it does not neutralise the overall creative approach that characterises this creation, which is well-blended whilst maintaining good structure.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity. 3.5/5
24th May 2015
This is like London for the weekend. More casual, breezy, perhaps a little more fun, though Burberrys never really have that feel about them. I wouldn't call any of them vivacious or sparkling. I like the low key peach-apricot fruit in this much better than the more boring fruit in Brit. Less in your face, less young girl, more sophisticated. A fruit better made for more situations than Brit. It gets a lot paler, a lot faster than London, but the accord is somewhat pleasant - non-sugary peach and apricot, with a little casual sunshine from Marigold. I like it much better than Burberry Touch, which for a skin scent was much too harsh.
Styled similar to London, it has light hairspray in the opening, a borderline department store feel, is amiable, agreeable with skin and probably everyone around you. As London, an inoffensive people pleaser. Doesn't stand out and doesn't offend. I guess that is a type of success, as there are many situations that call for a quality like this. But when the nice peach-apricot dries off a bit Weekend becomes more generic, lacks personality, anything that sets it apart. It becomes somewhat of a beige-colored fragrance. As with London it develops a soapiness in the dry down and Marigold is the predominant note. The dry down lingers on as a skin scent for most the day and I kept getting whiffs of soapiness that was pleasant, but I prefer London as it has more of a personality, and becomes better as it ages.
It felt like Weekend and London were sister fragrances, one floral, one more casual fruity. Their construction was the same, and they both fill the same niche. You can practically feel the designer intent, that perhaps it was more a marketing decision than anything to do with inspiration. Entirely acceptable, safe anywhere.
4th May 2015
This fragrance owns the internship for my sister's olfactory arsenal. A first blast and i smell citrus (lemon-orange), grapefruit, aromatic  herbs, pungent-tart flowers (iris first of all and probably  cyclamen and hyacinth) and a touch of honey coming from the background. The fruity-floral whiff is pungent, linear and slightly gassy till when the gas leaves the scene to a cedary and mossy dry down with a touch of warm honey. The juice is not bad but a bit boring and common (may be by somebody also imitated).
7th May 2012
Got some from ebay, maybe it's a bad batch or something, but am disappointed. Very light and fruity smelling, didn't last very long. Will give it another try, but don't love it like I do the Classic.
6th April 2012
this perfume is definately for a woman over 60 years old. Smells bad and it annoys me,makes me dizzy! It lasts for days though!
15th February 2012
I have had this fragrance for years and I still love it. It continues to mature right along with me. I was still a teenager when I bought this fragrance and looking back it definitely overpowered by youth, but now older and wiser, it is such a beautiful wrapping of delicate femininity. I absolutely adore this fragrance.
31st January 2012
If there ever came a time when the world was about to end and I had to save at least one perfume, this would be my choice. It is such a strange yet lovable scent, one that has a somewhat uncanny resemblance to a field of wildflowers.

A perfectly imagined scene whilst wearing this fragrance would include a pretty, white summer dress and a picturesque green field complete with wild daisies. I would be lying on the grass next to the one I love watching the clouds drift by. It brings joy to my day.

The combination of peach, reseda, sage and violet gives this fragrance a strangely bitter, honey-like scent. What I find so intriguing and fascinating is the unique drydown. I'll be walking down the street and wondering what smells so beautiful, and then I'll realise that it's actually me. Words cannot describe how warm and enriching this fragrance can be in its final stages.

I would never have believed that a person like myself, with such a picky personality would ever find her signature scent. Well, I guess I proved myself wrong. I'll be wearing this perfume for many years to come.
26th April 2011
I don't understand how anyone would want to wear this perfume, to me it smells like manure...
15th October 2009
By far my favorite perfume from burberry. Absolutely love the fresh yet fruity smell of it. Great day scent or even for night. This is one of those perfumes that I just want to smell all day long.
11th October 2009
A wonderfully sweet floral gem from Burberry. I have always enjoyed the carefree quality of this scent, it is a scent you can just put on and enjoy. To look a the notes for this scent one would think, "oh, another fruity floral.", but it is so not even close to one. It opens with a fresh note that is fruit-like, something akin to what one experiences with "real" fruit. It is not the typical "fruity" syrupy gooey opening that most have; one which you know will grow sweeter and more intense by the time a floral note comes along to try and save the day. Not Weekend, this fruity fresh opening is given a little soul, i believe from the sap, which keeps it grounded and far from confectionery. When the floral notes come out, they are there to enhance what you have already experienced, not to change it, nor to save you from a diabetic seizure. The florals are full bodied, yet soft and comforting, not trying to take center stage, but putting a fresh glow on the whole thing. The joy of the florals is that they stay with you for the duration, yes they soften and change personality, to make way for the basenotes, but they keep the whole composition from becoming weighed down. Now as for the basenotes listed; cedar wood, sandalwood and musk, they do not try to push everything else off the stage, as these notes are sometimes prone to do, they mostly just add a wonderful depth to the fragrance and work in unison with the softened floral notes to gently glide you into the drydown. Truly a wonderful creation, from a fashion house whose other scents have left me quite cold. A huge thumbs up and recommendation for others.
26th August 2009
That peachy tranquil perfume reminds me of my best friend! I like it very much on her, but this type of fragrance is not for me.
15th December 2008
Wow this is the best offering of all the Burberry scents out there. I have re- purchased this 3 times now and i love its fresh not too sweet smell. Its a great day time perfume it wont get up anybody's noses!!I so wish i had a clever nose and say i smell this this and this but all i know is when i find a perfume i like i dont care what ingrediants are in it! But it must be the peach and the Musk that do it for me.
9th December 2008
i really like this scent from burberry! same as hallospacegirl,my friend was wearing it and it was a love at first sniff for me.i find this scent rather fresh and girly. it had become one of my favourites.
13th August 2008
I love this fragrance! I have continuously bought it and will continue to do so! Lovely, sweet fragrance.
4th August 2008
Pleasantly fresh fruity / green opening: The reseda plant note adds a certain element of interest – it's unique, but only if you consider carefully; and the opening is more sweet than refined. It's a pleasant casual opening, the kind chosen by a committee – few people would agree to dislike it. The floral middle is well presented but is less interesting than the opening. The rose and the peach blossom stand out amid the floral middle – it's a lightly sweet, light floral, and it is pleasantly absent of uniqueness. Its drydown doesn't seem to be really a drydown – it's more an extension of the original notes into a rather long lasting, non-powdery skin scent – highly attractive with a very comfortable ambiance. A strong point about the fragrance is its complete lack of anything near cloying: This would be a very good fragrance for hot weather use, and it is quite different from the usual hot weather fare.Burberry Weekend is a very good scent that, except for over spraying (it's not a weak scent), would be impossible to misuse. Charming, discreet, mistake proof if carefully sprayed – not very intriguing but much more than adequate.
24th May 2008
Sweet but inoffensive. As with most other Burberrys, it's uninteresting but you can't really go wrong.
14th May 2007
Lovely. The winner. Smells of reseda. I love yellow wild resedas (mignonettes) and their narcotic, intoxicating, sweetly bitter, honeyish scent, warm like a sunny summer day, joyful.
12th May 2007
wow....I can't believe all the negative comments...I just read the glowing comments about Organza and to me there isn't much of a difference between the 2. In fact Weekend is a bit fresher and less sexual. Very nice in my opinion. The both aforemetioned also smell like on of Jean Paul Gaultiers in the bottle shaped like a woman.
18th April 2007
I hate sweet perfume but like this one very much. Sweet but not artificial. Like smelling the scent of wisteria carried by a summer breeze. Very lovely.
5th April 2007
I REALLY like this one, very, very much. My friend had it, I sniffed it, and it was love at first sniff.Unlike some other reviewers, I didn't think it was very sweet at all (or maybe it's because I really like sweet scents -- I worship at the altar of Ginestet Botrytis). It was classy without being stodgy, almost like it took the traditional "classic" perfume smell and added a new, younger twist. The staying power is extraordinarily long, but not cloying, and it will stay on you softly. If you wanna have your perfume last the entire day, this is the one to choose.I feel this could work year-round, as it has enough power to last through a winter day without evaporating completely.
24th March 2007
This was another of my no sniffers off of ebay...Got it at a great price, and loved it! But, like all of my other great perfmes...I just have too many to ever use them all up, so this one with to live with my sister.
14th October 2006
When I first "heard" this perfume I didn't like it ar all. Actually, it was a gift my mother got. After a while I began to use it much more often than my mother (as a matter of fact she hardly ever use any perfumes).And eventually I have have come to adore this scent, especially in spring! For me "Weekend" is a spring perfume, and it is not only my opinion. It is really unique, I want to say I don't know any other perfumes that would remind me of Weekend.Although I never used it with spray, I only would put a drop of EDP on my wrists and behind the ears, and may be a bit on the hair.And I'm sure, this love - even if it's not at first sight - will last very, very long...
22nd August 2006