Reviews of Weekend for Women by Burberry

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Well, I guess it's unanimous that Burberry Weekend (like all the Burberry's) kind of sucks. I have a little bottle of this and I'm trying to like it (since I bought it). I have wore it twice by now, and the first time it smelled a little sweeter than the second time around. I can't figure out why. I wonder, does that have to do with mood? Or the menstrual cycle? Or what is it? One day a perfume smells one way and the next time around it smell different on you.
5th August 2006
i don't like like this very much but my boyfriend loves it on me. Just wanted you to know that. I dislike the bottle design ( not efficient at all)Very long lasting. can't wait to finish the 50ml bottle. bought this on impulse at a packaged sale online.
10th May 2006

Bought this on impulse at Marshall's, because I really enjoy Burberry classic. This is too sweet, with no sophistication. It's cloying and headache-inducing. I regret this one.
13th April 2006
Just way too sweet, candy sweet--Bought it on impulse in a duty free shop and have kept regretting it. Once I spray it on, I only want to wash it off.
17th January 2006
I didn't like this AT ALL. It smelled like rotten dandilions and I couldn't get this stuff off my skin fast enough. It's not like Burberry to make a fragrance this foul so HOPEFULLY I just sampled a bad bottle
16th September 2005