Parfum d'Empire (2009)

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There are 32 reviews of Wazamba by Parfum d'Empire.

Wazamba by Parfum d'Empire makes me think of standing in the middle of a pine forest while wearing YSL Opium. YSL opium is a dignified incense with resins, myrrh, and aldehydes. Speaking of aldehydes, I usually feel slightly nauseous or headachy after a few minutes of wear, but Wazamba isn’t giving me that feeling. Maybe the heavy hit of woody notes is counter acting the aldehydes? Or maybe the combination of loud or sweet floral notes with aldehydes makes me nauseous? Anyway, Wazamba is so classy--a formal incense that will cut through the cold weather. This might work in the warm weather, but I’ve yet to try it in such conditions.

IMO, Wazamba does not smell like Fille en Aiguilles. I would recommend Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors if you were looking for a sweet woody scent with a prominent balsam fir note, not Wazamba. I would recommend Wazamba if you are looking for a unique, elegant, slightly masculine-leaning incense.

Feb 7, 2021

A dense weave of resins throwing off enough heat to match an electric blanket. Wazamba is centred around smoky incense which comes dressed first with the sap of conifers and then gets folded into a rich brown mix of myrrh, opoponax and what seems like a multiplying hall of mirrors style panoply of resins. A running theme of dried fruits gives Wazamba a Lutensesque slant. If you like this kind of centrally heated oriental, then jump at Wazamba; like Corticchiato’s other work, it is classically proportioned despite the resinous maximalism. I find this kind of thing just a tad suffocating for my taste and can’t find a day cold enough in which to comfortably wear it.

Sep 10, 2020

Self-Portrait in Hell by Edvard Munch 1903
Nov 1, 2018

Wazamba is a nice incense fragrance, with fruits (plum and apples) and a lovely cypress note. Thankfully the fruitiness is very minimal, at least on my skin, whereas the cypress blends beautifully with the resins and incense, it is quite a bit balsamic and even somewhat sticky in the manner of several Serge Lutens fragrances (Fille en Aiguilles), but I love many of those so I am not complaining. It is substantial, fleshy and closer to Lutens or even Amouage (Jubilation XXV Man) in style rather than the ethereal incense style of Comme des Garçons. I also detect a lovely note of fir balsam in the mix. There are tons of incense/resin scents but Wazamba stands out for how it is interwoven with the green notes. Finally, unlike some other Parfum d'Empire scents, performance is quite adequate on my skin based on a modest application.

Wazamba is recommended to anyone looking for a green-resinous fragrance. This could have been stellar if the fruit-sweetness was toned down a notch together with a greater emphasis on the cypress-fir notes, but it is still very nice for what it is, great to wear on cool fall days. In fact, I'm having ideas about layering it (and I am someone who almost never layers ...) with some uncompromising green scent (how about the 'house green' Corsica Furiosa ...?).

May 23, 2018

Love incense fragrances...love this fragrance...thick and rich, but dry at the same time...luxurious blend of resin/spice/wood with a nice pine flavoring...comforting and mystical...feels like wrapping yourself in your favorite blanky...only thing i would love to adjust is the throw...starts out like gangbusters with a powehouse opening but seems to get close to the skin real fast, although it does hang out for awhile...a must to sample for any incense afficiandos...
Feb 27, 2018

Simply great
Resins mixed with smoky incense and some woods attacking your nose.
It's dark, smoky and extremely heavy in resinous part.
The resinous smell is not like the resins on the body of the tree that smell smooth and slightly woody.

Initially a rush of smoky,incense commingling with the Christmas tree aroma of balsam fir. At once, one is immersed in the resinous warmth of a lively incense coupled with the somewhat minty The enhanced resins flow to the receptive base. A gentle sandalwood, with its buttery and softly sweet woodiness, lifts the resinous, incense concoction. A soothing cypress infuses its pine-like woodiness with an ambergris nuance.
The base is a musky woody smoky scent with some sweetness in the background and it's very smooth against the opening and mid.
Projection is good (above average) and longevity is around 6-8 hours on my skin.
A great fragrance from the brand.Nice winter scent with good longevity
Jul 13, 2016

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