Washington Square fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Italian bergamot, geranium, tarragon
  • Heart

    • purple rose, honey
  • Base

    • vintage amber, leather accord, vetiver, musk

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Latest Reviews of Washington Square

I like this one, but don't know when I would wear it other than in a cozy environment. It is unisex (to me). It has a powdery, musky undertone and might be cloying if over-applied.
29th August 2018
A nice scent, very woody. It was good enough that I was happy to finish the sample, it's not so good that I would get another sample or re-purchase. It lasted well--from application at 9AM, I could still smell it on skin at 10PM.
2nd October 2016

Bond No9 Washington Square is a very nice big surprise, but not a very easy one. First of all I did want it to smell like a modern version of the amazing Chanel No19, but it is not anything like it. Anyway, let's go on. Second, I should have antecipated a Narciso Rodriguez Essence edp and edt vibe from rose and musk. And at the beginning it does smell like an elegant Nivea body cram, but more neutral, it is not a smell I associate with my mother, like the NR scent. But then out of nowhere, bergamot, leather and geranium, lots of geranium, does a turn to the right towards a very male scent, in fact to be more precisely, a barbershop scent. I must confess that Washington Square is everything I wanted/expected from YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme. All the best is in there making it a wonderful fragrance for men for any occasion, time, season. Perhaps a little too mature, but what the hell, one day boys will be men. There's even a hint or two, well maybe three, of Chanel pour Monsieur, but the final product is more refine.

Washington Square may be a place in NYC but it is a very French scent, all the way. I know also that skin chemistry is a mistery most of the time but it is hard to think a woman wearing this Bond scent. Isn't that right, James?
1st May 2015
To start of with, I get a pleasant floral geranium-dominated white flower blast, that soon is joined by a pleasant rose; the latter is, however, on my skin not more than an average specimen with limited development. After about five hours it seemed to vanish, but then the base kicked in with a pleasant honey note combined with a very soft and gentle amber; a whiff of suede is added. Good and unobtrusive in the office in spring.
On me silage and projection are limits, but the eventual total longevity is a stunning ten hours. Nonetheless, on me this does not go beyond a middle-of-the-range impression, so the licence to thrill needs to be revoked.
25th July 2014
Like it, but not in love with it. However that could change any day now because the fragrance has so much going on that when I find the right twist it will be a shoe in.
5th May 2014
my old neck I find it hard to get excited testing a new Bond no 9 perfume since I know it's going to be a perfume in a star bottle, and on the label will be a New York city name. With the exception of the giveaway names, such as Chelsea flowers, a floral, New York Musc, a musk, or New York Amber, an amber, the name and the perfume have no relation whatsoever. Chinatown is a beautiful contemporary take on a classic French genre of perfume. Nuit de Noho is a misguided derivation of Angel. Little Italy smells like diluted orange cleanser/solvent. So Washington Square, where I lived in the 1980s and never saw a rose outside of a perfume shop, smells like bergamot, tarragon and rose. The ridiculous marketing conceit of the perfume line aside, Washington Square ain't bad. In reverse chronological sequence, Washington Square winds up a capital-m Musk, small-w woody Rose perfume. On its way to this soft, sweet yet fairly loud finale, Washington Square shows off a brisker, stronger and more aggressive rose in the middle notes. The topnotes are in fact the most interesting part of the perfume, with a brassy bergamot topnote surrounded by a sharp, cool green touch from tarragon and geranium. Where you might expect the astringent green top notes to lead into a fairly sharp rose, and despite a touted leather note, the rose itself smells sweet. I imagine a lot of people would enjoy the basenotes of this perfume, but for me the soft landing into the marshmallowy basenotes (Is it Amber? Is it patchouli? Is it musk?) is a letdown. Still, high marks for a long-lasting perfume that shows a deliberate progression. from scent hurdle.com
27th August 2013
Just sampled this one yesterday. Nice! I detect the amber and musk (which I thought was incense). I catch the vetiver and bergamont as well. As others have noted, this can be classified as unisex. I would wear this any day. The projection and longevity are average.
I might have to get a bottle of this one.
25th March 2013
This has a clean, sharp opening and then moves into a warmer, sweeter mode. The drydown is just delicious, very soft and smooth. Agree with others that this is a unisex scent. Adore it almost as much as Chinatown.
26th August 2012
There is a certain coldness to this scent. It is actually quite pleasant from start to finish. I agree with the other review here that this could pass for a unisex fragrance. One of the more interesting fragrance from this house. The purple rose, amber, leather and musk are the main players here. The honey gives it the sweetness. But it's not cloying. Thumbs up!
11th February 2011
I am reviewing Washington Square on a very cold December evening in Manchester UK...

The scent is cool and sharp to start with; I can detect hiacynths and lilies with a citrusy accord which lingers and lingers...

The heart is yet to come...

This scent is very unusual and reminds me of a very cold night in Siberia/Moscow...marvellous memories of Christmas snow on your window...

Thumbs up...!
26th December 2010
I don't find ithis frag unisex, unless it is paired with a more masculine counterpart like Cooper Square. I would rate each of these middle of the road, but together they make beautifil harmony. I do find the rose note in this appealing.
4th November 2010
I was sent an advance sample. It seems unisex to me. So, in keeping with the feeling of that neighborhood, I can imagine students wearing it to class ...At first, it opens up with strong citrus notes like the finest shaving lotion/cologne. After a while, a faint rose begins to bloom. Golden honey, maybe ... It settles down nicely, the musk is not too strong.I will wear it for daytime occasions - with a white shirt, perhaps. For the evenings out, it is not romantic enough.Like most Bond No. 9 fragrances, it makes a statement and cannot be ignored.
16th October 2010