Wash Me in the Water 
4160 Tuesdays (2019)

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4160 Tuesdays
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The day after Take Me to the River, the ultimate cleanser.

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Wash Me in the Water is part of a duo of crowdfunded releases on Indiegogo alongside Take Me to the River. Wash Me in the Water is the lighter, fresher, and more aquatic of the two, a sort of green, grassy, watery, slightly soapy/herbal/floral mix that very effectively conjures being outside near freshwater, perhaps by a meadow or some flowers, with just a hint of soap. I get almost a fresh cucumber quality out of it, at times, though that’s not the main story.

Its key notes are “water notes,” “grass notes,” mint, florals, incense, clary sage, and rosemary. It has a brightness and lightness while still having some gravitas, a really lovely option for a spring or summer day, in particular. I like that Wash Me in the Water contrasts the rock n’ roll qualities of Take Me to the River; it’s a fun juxtaposition.

8 out of 10
Jul 16, 2020

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