Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sheer florals, vanilla absolute
  • Heart

    • basmati rice, coconut, vanilla absolute
  • Base

    • vanilla absolute, heliotrope, musk, veltol, sandalwood

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Sweet and quite sugary. Smells like baked goods with whipped frosting.. delicious, warm, cozy. I wore this scent in high school. I still have a nostalgic appreciation for it, but I think it's a bit too sweet/gourmand for me, now. For me the coconut is strong, which gives it a little more intrigue than you'd otherwise expect. Not bad, not bad at all!
13th June 2016
I wear this with Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman. Its like catnip for men. Alone the scent is just as it comes out of the bottle, the dry out is even sweeter. Layered with other complimenting scents makes this a winner.
7th March 2012

Despite its come hither appeal as a homey, kitcheny, here comes Mom with some fresh baked sugar cookies, Warm Vanilla Sugar is actualy much more than just the sum of its spoonfulls of cookie dough.
I find it it to be a delightfully rich and deep vanilla with a hint of exotica whilst managing to be one of the most comforting comfort scents ever. I'm a guy and I love it. Something about it says Sean Connery as James Bond in 1965. I don't know why, but it does. In fact, it seems like something Chanel would've put out in the '30's: "Vanil A Russe" perhaps. I bet this stuff gets a lot of people's ears nibbled. And then some.
31st January 2011
My mother wears this at times in lieu of Victoria Secret's Vanilla, and I prefer this one on her. The Fresh Vanilla by BBW betrays what I believe vanilla should really be about, and Warm Vanilla Sugar is better, in my opinion.Real vanilla extract is very sweet, but it doesn't seem "high-voiced" -- it's a deeper smell that becomes sickly sweet once combined with sugar in cake batter. Warm Vanilla Sugar has enough of a musky base (almost like a rich brown sugar instead of vanilla!), that it keeps its fragrance from becoming another one of those offensive, synthetic, highpitched vanilla scents that I've come to despise... whenever I smell it, anywhere, it reminds me happily of my warm, cozy mother, baking in the kitchen. I love it!
24th September 2009
I understand if you personally dislike a fragrance but to insult those who may wear it is silly. I don't wear this EDT, but I love the lotion and bubble bath, and I'd describe it as not being particularly like a normal vanilla scent. To me it comes across as the type of vanilla scent you might find if you opened a fresh container of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt - the creamy warmth of the vanilla tempered by the chill of the freezer. It's very sweet, soft, comforting, and familiar. I think everyone's mom or sister or neice or daughter has sniffed it or worn it in some form at least once. That's a lot of people to accuse of being unsophisticated.
16th September 2009
My 10 year old son loves when I wear this stuff. He says, "It makes me smile. I don't know why." Yes, this is a "common" sweet vanilla, but, really, it smells so GOOD. I've happily used this fragrance in body wash for years, but I'd never considered wearing it as a perfume until the recent launch of the edt version. On me, the edt isn't as sweet as the bath products, and it develops a distinct, warm sandalwood note that I just adore. The edt smells like Samsara drenched in Cream Soda. (Sounds disgusting...yet it works!) I like to wear this at bedtime, and to use it for spritzing on bed linens and lingerie. It's a happy, pretty fragrance that's fun to wear.
4th February 2009
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