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Wanted by Azzaro

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Wanted is a men's fragrance launched in 2016 by Azzaro

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Reviews of Wanted by Azzaro

There are 23 reviews of Wanted by Azzaro.

The definition of a generic mall fragrance. It won't offend anyone so I guess it's fine if you want to give it as a gift to a young guy. Go with the Most Wanted Parfum (2022) since it has a bit more depth but a similar DNA.

Got a sample of Azzaro Wanted and really wanted to like it. Sprayed my wrist with it and let it dry down a bit. Not sure what it was, but there was a sharp/spicy note that almost felt like it was irritating the inside of my nose. My wife actually liked this one a bit better than Polo Red (which I sampled on the other wrist) but I just couldn't see wearing this for any occasion.

Not my cup of tea. The green apple in a fragrance just kills it for me. Smells like a childs bubble bath or something. Or maybe candy. No thanks. I'm an adult.

Like the ginger note in this one. Not heavy or overbearing. The fruity aspect is a different story though. 7/10

I like to think that Wanted's marketing and design is some complex avant-garde artistic statement, a political statement on the vapidness of gun culture, how under the hyper-masculine facade lies fear and insecurity, repackaging unnecessary aggressive toughness into a need for safety. Owning an actual revolver, seeing this bottle in the fragrance section made me gag a little. Just as I may stop to gawk at the trashiness of Invicta watches in a display case, I needed to know what offensive sludge came out of the criminally tasteless bottle.

What I got was surprising to say the least. A pleasant, fruity opening that transitions into something common and inoffensive. I bought a bottle on a whim and it kept confusing me, there was nothing daring or distinctive or outlawish about this fragrance, it makes Bleu de Chanel smell like an international crime lord. The whole thing is such a contradiction that it's hard to believe it wasn't done on purpose. It's a fruity, pleasant, inoffensive thing that far better suits an eager-to-please office worker than a rough riding outlaw. As a result, I wear it from time to time when I need something nice but not too noticeable or distinctive. I keep it on my shelf so that I may appreciate it as a piece of postmodern art.

A nice and light fragrance. Remindful of Denim by Fabergé, has elements of that to it but this one is slightly darker. Bottle design is excellent. A safe one to go for as all of its attributes are decent.

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