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Tokyo Milk

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Waltz No. 14 by Tokyo Milk

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Waltz No. 14 is a shared scent by Tokyo Milk

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There are 3 reviews of Waltz No. 14 by Tokyo Milk.

It is a nice floral mix. Somewhat "fizzy" to me, with conspicuous linden. Light musk, on the backside. Not very long-lasting though...

Lime blossom is more noticeable here. It's a little bitter but with nice slightly sweet florals. It's unisex, but I think some guys would like this. It's fresh, floral and green. This is very wearable and perfect for the spring and summer. I'm liking this one a lot.

Tokyo Milk deserves some kudos for making fun, unpretentious scents that come in beautiful, clever packages that you can purchase at your local Sephora for very reasonable prices . This is one of my favorites--a true green scent that smells of linden and honey. It's dewy, fresh, and just a tad bitter--everything an inexpensive green scent should be. It's a bit of a one-note samba, but it's perfectly pitched.

Longevity isn't great, but TM makes a matching French-milled soap that sells for about 10 bucks online. Layer the Waltz soap and the perfume together, and you have a fabulous, slightly soapy, retro green scent straight out of the Early 70s Wayback Machine. With mainstream perfumery collapsing under the weight of its endless flankers, I find it reassuring that one can still find these accessible, fabulous, cost-effective ways to smell good.

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