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Wald by Euphorium Brooklyn

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Wald is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Euphorium Brooklyn

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Reviews of Wald by Euphorium Brooklyn

There are 6 reviews of Wald by Euphorium Brooklyn.

Like a thick dense pine forest on fire to the ground in the middle of a moonless night.a thick heavy resinous pine sap with smokey accords as it dries down. not so easy to wear,but extremely joyful to smell.it doesn't smell suggesting in an erotic way, but warm and smokey.burnt and resinous but not damp,deep,but not heavy,dry, but not arid. unisex?no!this one is a tad to much on the masculine dark side.

Dark resins and smokey wood,rich fir,and brown and green mosses come together naturally to recreate this sacred space.in fact it opens with a spicy and green note that evoques some deepness and profoundness from a wild jungle. there is a familiar and fresh bitterness.the smokey accord on the dry down is dry and dark,giving an impression of that wild forest burning on fire.not for the faint hearted.very niche.

I initially tried Wald a couple of years ago but never got around to reviewing it. I bought a full bottle of the dabber bottle extrait for my son for Christmas two years ago but didn't buy one for myself at the time. Now I'm kicking myself as the extrait isn't available anymore but thankfully the EDP is so I'll be getting this as soon as I can. Now for the review. I love Wald. It has fir resin in the opening and smells incredible! It also has so many more notes that naming them all is a review in itself. Thuja wood, Frankincense, Elemi, Juniper, Clove, Nutmeg, Fern, Maple Syrup, and a whole slew of others that make the sum total of Wald so unique and enjoyable. This is at the top of my current want list along with Josh Lobb's Kote.

The opening is a sensational green herbal mix, with artemisia, fern and grass combine with artemisia to a delicious rendering that reminds me of Grüne Sosse with hints of sauce verte. After a while it turns darker and more forest-like, with nutmeg, fir and cedar mixing with the previous green notes, evoking walks in a forest in spring. Less dark than Bogner's Deep Forest and without the depth and booziness of Dunhill's Blend 30, this phase again is magnificent also.

After this stage a honeyed fruity impression develops but soon gives way to the wood notes, with a rather attenuated mossy aroma being gradually overshadowed by an emerging and a bit less dampened and not very sharp oud; the latter is all right but neither particularly exciting or convincing. Towards the end things become a bit more interesting with a pleasant, fairly smooth and restrained leathery impression joining the ring, and this end is differentiated enough to make the last hour or so a worthwhile experience.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity an astounding fourteen hours on my skin.

Although the are phases in the drydown that are a bit less exciting, in toto this is a delicious herb-forest-leather composition, made of high quality ingredients superbly blended and developing very convincingly. 3.75/5.

I agree with much of what Odysseusm wrote about the phases, but I get more rubber/aggarwood/oud in my sample, and it overwhelms the rest of the scent.

I think if you like Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather, you may like this. The leather I do smell, is rather similar.

Since these come in 15 and 30 ml bottles, and the price point is pretty reasonable, it's a good buy in my opinion...if you like the scent.

The other two in this group (Cilice and Usar) are really more up my alley. I plan to purchase both in the 15 ml bottles.

This is wonderful. The best green forest scent to come down the pike since Norne. I agree totally with odysseum's review, except that, for me, it's big-time FBW. One of my favorite releases of the last couple of years. This is a house to watch.

This is an intriguing and very complex scent. I note different things in it each time I try it. I don't find it bottle-worthy, but that is a matter of my personal taste. It is an attractive and well-crafted scent.
The juice is a brilliant emerald green, and has a viscous quality (at least that is the case for what's in the little sample vial).
I find three different phases.
1. Woodsy, coniferous, forest-floor. A dark green scent to match the colour of the juice. Mint and conifer notes, even something like eucalyptus. Rather camphoraceous. Frankincense-green and resinous. Ahhh, if the scent would only stay at this phase I'd be delighted.
2. Gradually the scent shifts. First, the brisk notes smooth out. Complex and shifting notes emerge, like a Kaleidoscope. Artemesia (nutty celery leaf, minty). Maple syrup (a bit rich and honeyed). Cool notes, slightly sweet and earthy.
3. The scent settles into a smoky-leather foundation. Somewhat animalic, a bit macho or at least very self-assured. A beautiful leather-smoke note, reminding me of Dior's Jules. And here is my challenge. I can appreciate the chord, but I am not suited to leather scents. I grow tired of them and they don't suit me.
Still, there is much to appreciate here.

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