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Reviews of Voyage N-83 by Nautica

There are 6 reviews of Voyage N-83 by Nautica.

I absolutely love the original Nautica 'Voyage', as it is quite simply one of the best summer fragrances in the past decade that is super cheap, has great performance and gets amazing compliments every time I wear it. So I was excited to pick up 'Voyage N-83'. What a disappointment.

The top notes are very similar to the original 'Voyage', but much softer. It smells like a nice sport body wash scent, somewhat aquatic with a splash or melon and marine accords. The base has a touch of lavender and musk, but not much. The sad part is if this had more fragrance oils and better quality, it would be quite amazing. However, it doesn't. Not at all.

The performance on this is simply non-existent. From the moment you spray this on, it dries down and fades extremely fast. I am talking within an hour it becomes a skin scent. Longevity, even with a dozen sprays is less than two hours.

It has almost no sillage, and projection is also nowhere to be found on this. Showering yourself in this cologne won't help it last longer, it just doesn't have the performance or quality for it. On skin its about an hour or two, and on fabrics and clothes you may get two hours at most.

It seems most of the 'Voyage' flankers (Sport, N-83, Island, Summer) all have very poor performance and longevity, so stick with the original 'Voyage' and don't even bother with the others. They aren't worth owning at any price.
Aug 27, 2018

Wow.. it's like they took Voyage, left it in the sun, then mixed it with blood and rust. That's exactly how this smells. Sorry but this is so bad. Please discontinue ASAP!!
May 31, 2018

I like this better than the original Voyage which was just too synthetic and obnoxious for me. This one is sweeter and more subdued, not so blue. N-83 has a bubblegum sweetness that makes it easier to wear on an everyday basis.

Projection and longevity are both below average.
Dec 28, 2017

I really enjoy this scent from Nautica, but unfortunately the performance is so weak! Clean and masculine but only for two hours. Weak concentration. Even for the price, I can't recommend N-83 because the performance is so abysmal for an EDT.
Mar 20, 2016

Nautica Voyage N-83 seems to get its fair share of criticism, and the assumption that this is due to the success of Nautica Voyage is fair, but in evaluating N-83 in its own right, it's an agreeable but obviously unimpressive aquatic. Still, it's pleasant in the way most aquatics are pleasant. The "marine notes" factor in prominently, along with lavender and musk, and even some cedar adding sweetness. Projection isn't bad, and longevity obviously leaves something to be desired, but given how cheap this is (I believe I bought a 100ml at Marshall's for $17 or $20), one can afford a few more sprays per wearing.

As a side note, it's helpful to consider that there is a time and place for weaker fragrances. That N-83 isn't a projection monster or long-lasting can both be assets if you want to wear something lighter for work or just going out casually for a few hours but not be all over you when you go to bed.

Certainly worth a spray to see if it's a cheap designer option that suits you---I certainly find it agreeable.

6 out of 10
Jul 23, 2015

This is the only Nautica fragrance I have ever found to be tolerable. Can't put my finger on it, but this reminds me of a fresh aqua fragrance circa 1977, but not in a powerhouse way. It reminds me of a frag my dad would have worn back then, and I mean it in a good way. It's not terribly distinctive, but I like it. It reminds me of sailboats and growing up in Michigan. Definitely worth the cheapo price you'll find it for.
Apr 14, 2015

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