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Voyage en Arabie : Black Intensive Aoud 
Mancera (2008)

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About Voyage en Arabie : Black Intensive Aoud by Mancera

Reviews of Voyage en Arabie : Black Intensive Aoud by Mancera

For me, the experience of Mancera Black Intensitive Aoud is similar to Montale Black Aoud but not nearly as interesting, due to the minimality of the rose that is otherwise strong in Black Aoud.

Black Intensitive Aoud, by contrast, involves mostly oud, but also some other woods with a hint of rose. Nothing terribly special, not offensive but not intriguing either.

6 out of 10
Jan 26, 2017

Lovely restrained honeyed floral start (mainly rose but with some traces of violet) which reminded me of Al Harmain’s Attar Al Kaaba but delivered as a perfectly diffusive EdP instead of an oil. There’s the same milkiness about it, a creamy feel, with a polished sandalwood backing. Black Intensive Aoud wears smooth, smooth, smooth on my skin – the oud not really intensive at all, but a gentle backing player rounding things off. Similarly the spices are not really evident to me – whereas quite a lively amber in the base is and it fits right in.
Black Intensive Aoud gives an impression of great sleekness despite its soft and ample bosom of roses, cream and sandalwood. It may be a bit too derivative for some but it’s an absolute silky pleasure to wear.
Apr 1, 2016

An interesting fragrance this spacious and almost intoxicating Voyage en Arabie Black Intensive Aoud. I smell some points in common with the more celebrated and basically diverse Montale Black Aoud (which with the Mancera one shares some elements) but just in the final (anyway different, creamier) development while at the beginning the Mancera BIA features a far less developed medicinal temperament and a soon more evident widespread mildness. Both turn out cool, black, musky, rosey and daring but while the Montale one is darker, less balmy and more properly rosey, musky and sinister, this one turns out more creamy (i detect an almondy really minimal obscure feel), velvety, almost boozy, more spicy/ambery and with a sort of delicious creamy/anisic/orangy final undertone (a touch of angelic root?). Many the elements in common, i mean (apart the agarwood resin) patchouli, rose, musk, a touch of saffron (in my opinion not listed in the Montale's one but probably present also in Black Aoud though in a very minimal amount), mandarine, orange and a touch of soothing balsams (far more operating in here). There is more orangy/spicy sweetness in this Mancera's blend, some mintiness, a less daring patchouli, a less sinister rose, a touch of animalic amber. When the smooth, tonkin musky, cedary, more than vaguely powdery (in a talky white way) and spicy/fruity dry down is accomplished i detect some Creed Royal Oud's and Montale Aoud Pur Oriental's olfactory facets. A must try for the lovers of the rosey/musky aoud.
Mar 22, 2013

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