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Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

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Reviews of Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

There are 67 reviews of Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès.

This has to be one of my favorite fragrances in terms of scent profile in the whole world, but one of my least favorite in terms of performance, as others have pointed out. It's an absolutely addicting blend of citrus, tea, wood, and musk with a beautifully rendered cardamom note. It's clean, airy, billowy, and out-of-the-shower fresh, but there's also a little bit of dirtiness or earthiness undergirding the whole thing that adds a sexy edge. It's genderless, ageless (in my opinion, though one might argue that it better suits someone 20+), and just phenomenal in every way EXCEPT for performance. It's pretty much an instant skin scent for me, with a longevity of maybe 2-3 hours, practically EDC in terms of strength. Now, I must add that I do live in a subtropical, bordering on tropical, climate with extremely hot and humid weather, and I have perfume eating skin. Even so, I've applied Voyage d'Hermes in an air conditioned environment without going outside and gotten the same outcome. Wearing this on my daily walk to work resulted in total annihilation, with not even a trace of the fragrance remaining after fifteen minutes. I've plowed through my 35ml (very cool) bottle of Voyage within a matter of months. This reflects both my love for the fragrance (and I do truly love the smell) and its utter lack of performance. For that reason, despite the fact that I adore the smell, I will either be purchasing the Parfum once my bottle is finished, or looking elsewhere.


Voyage d'Hermès (2010) is a fascinating reinvention of the Victorian barbershop accord of dry woods, citrus, and bracing pepper, but with a few key note swaps to make it modern and unisex. Jean-Claude Ellena may have taken inspiration from Pierre Bourdon, who has done something rather similar with French Lover by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle (2007), except minus the galbanum and heavier elements. Released in an interesting swivel refillable bottle, Voyage d'Hermès lends itself well as a freshening scent for a vacation or extended traveling abroad, and has the usual short-lived nature of the kind of barbershop scents it seems to take after, not to mention possessing Jean-Claude Ellena's patent "transparency" in the way it gleams but barely registers much presence on skin outside the wispy top notes and recurring base accord. Fleeting eau de colognes are fine if they're labelled as such, but here it seems this passes for an eau de toilette, which is part of my beef with the stuff.

We see juniper and angelica join a dry lemon, with the former replacing pepper and lime of olden varieties, but delivering that same dry bracing opening, but with a touch more floral character. This is honestly the best part of Voyage d'Hermès, and lasts the longest. Once all of an hour passes, we go into a rather reference-grade cedar smell, which isn't quite "hamster cage" level, but very evident. The final phase gives us some pink pepper, Australian sandalwood, and the expectant dry white musk filler. Thankfully, this is devoid of any norlimbanol or ambroxan abuse shenanigans, but if you know anything about Jean-Claude Ellena, you'll know that sort of bludgeoning sillage isn't his style. After four hours this is all but a memory on skin, albeit a pleasant memory, I'd call this a casual all-season scent as well, so wear it anytime, anywhere you please, outside maybe formal occasions. I'm also not sure how you would refill the supposed refillable bottle, as the only thing I see sold at the Hermès counters most places is the bottle and stand together, so there's that to consider as well.

I like the concept of this, but I'm not entirely sure of the execution. Angelica is nice to see as a head note in a fragrance, and it's also nice to see something properly dry and bracing coming out at designer counters again after an onslaught of belt-sander-to-the-nose synthetic woods and syrupy sweet shampoo accords bass-boosted by ambroxan standing in for actual perfume, but Voyage d'Hermès is just too week. This is Jean-Claude Ellena being so "painfully himself" with the lightness and transparency that I almost feel like he's trying to indulge some "artist's folly" a la Salvador Dali or Andy Warhol, where he's so far up the arse of his own sensibilities that he's forgotten he's making something meant for consumption or evaluation by others. In any case, there is also a Voyage d'Hermès Eau de Parfum (2012) that was released two years later, but denies us the "original but stronger" we might otherwise be looking for, going in a completely different direction by adding amber and moving away from citrus. Nice scent, middling performance, and a neutral rating from me.

In a nut shell this is a more gentle version of Frederik Malle French lover. Angelica cedar white musk and fairly linear. I love the later but it can dare I say it appear as rather austere on cold dry days. H V on the other hand is slightly more wearable and can serve as a year round signature scent. Longevity is average, in fact its not much worse than the EDP. Its half the price of FL as well. Full bottle worthy! Fresh and masculine. As unisex as ladies wearing large Rolexes. Only if you can pull it off!

Fragrance: 8/10
Longevity: 6.75/10
Projection: 7/10

Composition 5 by Wassily Kandinsky

To my nose this is a much less concentrated version of Fendi Theorema Uomo. Almost the exact same zesty opening with a nice musky dry down. The difference is longevity. Voyage d' Hermes an hour... Theorema several hours. For a layering scent this would be nice in the spring and summer. Disappointed to say the least...

Upon Further review.... I would say it's closer to Mugler Cologne than say Fendi Theorema. I do like it but the longevity is disappointing... but maybe that's the point... short lived enjoyment lol.

To smell this fragrance is a desperate struggle. It is extremely light and watered down. When I do smell it, it smells like citronella candles.

Spicy and woodsy. Shares more in common with Cartier Déclaration than Terre d'Hermès, but without the exotic intrigue. In agreement with other reviewers, it does have a soapy base, but with a cardamom twist that prevents boredom. The top and drydown is amazing.

I bought this because of the name; I do a lot of airline travel and this made me feel like a Jet-Setter. I'm a huge fan of Terre d'Hermes but I wanted something lighter and more... Air element. If Terre d'Hermes is Earth, then I wanted the sky and clouds. It's nice to have a lighter scent when I'm traveling by plane. You know how close-spaces get.

Voyage works well on my skin because of the cedar tones. I find it masculine and the sandalwood compliments the cedar nicely. On the negative side: Voyage smells a bit too much like fresh laundry. This is because of the white musk. The top notes evaporate rather quickly, leaving you with only white musk. Sure, it reminds me of French milled soap, but I don't necessarily want to smell like clean sheets all day. It's hard to be masculine when you smell like a pillow.

In summary: I wouldn't buy this again. I will seek out a more barber-shop clean-shave scent like sandalwood and bay rum or verbena.

Lighter version (Female) of Terre d'Hermes.
The cardamom is too much & gets cloying as you were it more and more.

Projection: 5/10
Longevity: 5-6 hrs


Upon initial spray, I counted this one out. After 20 minutes, my mind was definetly changed. This is a pretty nice fragrance. Nice berry note, and one of the nicest musk notes I smelled in a while. Voyage smells very familiar. Just can't put my finger on it yet. 7.5/10

Voyage d'Hermes is an ethereal fragrance with an iridescent aura of clean crisp citrus, vetiver, bright cardamom, medicinal artemsia and light woods which create an ozonic cleansing air that exists far out at sea, when voyaging away from the density of civilization. This fragrance is the lightest option in a long line of fragrances by J.C. Ellena that all have a similar characteristic clean vetiver and cedar, birch or papyrus wood scents with a touch of bitters following clean tart citrus in the opening - fragrances such as Declaration, Declaration Essence, Terre d' Hermes, TdH Eau Fraiche, etc. Voyage d'Hermes is the lightest of these Ellena family of scents and many may not appreciate the light touch but it offers a definite presence that is a supporting, background role. I like a fragrance that doesn't scream and take over your space. This is the fragrance that you want to quietly hold you aloft by invisible wings that will let you take center stage with quiet support. Voyage d'Hermes is a great all purpose clean oceanic spritz of fresh air.

VOYAGE d'HERMES is a light,sparkling and very discreet skin-scent that can be sprayed by anyone, anywhere,anytime, even at the Office and it will always produce the feeling of fresh beginnings and polished elegance.clean,subtle, appealing, delicate,woody,simple,light, utterly wearable and supremely refined.

It has a wonderfully soft scent, elegantly sexy and refined but not overwhelming at all.cardamom notes contrast with ginger,citrus and black pepper accents to result in a easy, friendly fragrance that is not too musky or spicy.the dominant essence is Cardamom here.

VOYAGE d'HERMES is for men and women want an unassuming but elegant fragrance for day wearing and warmer weather.if you are a big fan of ginger scents then you may like this conclusion another modern fragrance without any character but enjoyable indeed.

When I first tried Voyager, I didn't like it. It seemed that Voyager was a strange adulteration of my stalwart Terre d'Hermes', and I just couldn't believe Hermes' would do that. I also was put off by one of the worst bottle designs ever, which IMO is all too department store attention grabing.

However, I found it wasn't that I disliked the fragrance. It was just not what I expected from Hermes'. Voyager is a fragrance that stands on it's own in spite of the incomprehensible pulley bottle.

Voyager reminds me faintly of TdH, but perhaps that's just my imagination. The base is woods and musk, and Voyager adds a bit of spice to the citrus with Coriander, Cardamon and Pepper notes which I find to be more relaxing and casual, yet less versatile than TdH. I like Voyager for day wear in Spring and Fall and wouldn't consider it for evening or anything formal.

Another Hermes' fragrance that I "must" own.

This edt version of Voyage d'Hermes smells good, but it's too light for me. I might prefer the edp, but I haven't tried it.

Voyage d'Hermes smells much better to me than Terre d'Hermes , but because it's so light, I still give it a neutral rating.

Top Note: Citron, Bergamot, Coriander, Ginger, Black Pepper

Middle Notes: Tea, Cardamom, Artemisia

Base Notes: Birch, White Musk, Amber, Cedar

This is a nice citrus that would go well for the office and warm weather. Despite being light it's pretty complex. The opening notes appear on their own without much happening from the middle and base notes. The citrus and gourmand spices are very enjoyable. Once the middle and base notes appear it takes on a different character. The woods mix with the musk and amber in a very clean way. Definitely recommended for those who like complex scents without being heavy. The sillage is good on me (especially with those smooth woods) and longevity is a few hours. It's expensive but if you like it you can use it everyday. The atomizer is cool looking but it's a little hard to get going but when it does it works fine.

Creamy lemon and grapefruit in the top with cardamom and some musk in the base. I really like this one.

First post!

I'll try to be as short as possible.
Voyage D'Hermes is an incredible scent for me. I'm not a note expert so I'll describe the overall effect it has on me instead.

Upon spraying initially what I smell is cold eucalyptus with a hint of fresh lemon or lime (very light, barely there). From there its hard to describe the various characteristics this fragrance takes, but it most certaintly takes me on a voyage, a journey. I read or heard a review on Youtube that this was 'Luxury in a bottle' as well as 'Sunshine in a bottle' and these are very accurate descriptions for me.

The scent is luxurious, sunny and whimsical, yet also substantial, deep, 'philosophical' as it invites me to literaly meditate and ponder...ANYWAYS, i'm gettinig off the subject...

I tried REALLY hard to like Terre D'Hermes, but it was just too orangey, and although i agree it has a hint of elegance, i ultimately did not find it to be so linear as others state, just my opinion.
...then i remember that the first Hermes fragrance for men i had tried was Voyage. So i went back to it. THIS was the Hermes I was looking for.

It is luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and versatile (much more than Terre) and on my skin it lasts ALL day...There is another element about Voyage that makes it so great for me...when i catch whiffs of it, its as if I feel the presence of a very strong and very beautiful woman urging me to carry on and face the world with confidence...(surprise surprise, beautiful women have that effect on men.)

well i tried to keep it short.

Pungent balsamic herbal opening quickly evolving in a softer cozy cashmere-like accord comprising rose and musks, refreshened by a coming-and-going lemon note. Basically a decent contemporary eau de cologne. It "smells good", it is a safe and pleasant crowdpleaser wearable by anyone – the perfect Christmas gift, a tad more distinctive comparing to other more generic and common fragrances. But still it is really not worth the cost for me, for both ingredients and composition, and because it is rather plain and a bit static – that type of mass-market fragrance designed to hit customers with a perfectly-formed scent guaranteed to last - identical to itself - for hours.


A crisp, lime rindey wood and spice scent in a light fresh formulation. I wish the floral aspects were more pronounced but I suppose that's what the (superior) EDP is for. Nice unisex summer frag for those who like Terre d'Hermes but wish it had more of an indoor voice.

powdery musky generic fragranceI had to look at the note pyramid to describe this. It is generic, with spices and musk with green notes of a generic type blended together. Dry, spicy, but nothing that stands out.

Delicious and subtle fragrance that evokes a masculine smell of soft leather and soap! I initially received this as a gift and was uncertain at first, but the longer I used it the more I liked.
For those who prefer the slightly more lighter and subtle fragrances......give this a go!

I first smell this a few months ago ... and till today i still can't get this fragrance out of my head.

Some months ago i didn't even know this fragrance existed and when visiting a store i randomly sprayed it on a paper. I didn't think much of it at that time, but i decided to keep the strip of paper with me ... and that was the best thing i could have done. After some time i smelled it again and i fell in love with it.

Today i am wearing Voyage in one wrist and Terre in the other. I can tell you that i love Voyage way better, by a long margin. At some point the two fragrances smell very alike, but to me Voyage is more balanced and refined.

Voyage smells amazing on skin and it lasts a few hours, i would say around 5 on skin and a lot longer on clothes.

Many people love the opening of Voyage, but for me the best part is the middle and base notes. I would describe it as a strong, very recognizable and unique smell, but made in a way that is engulfed with other notes that are there just to bring it down. It is a soft fragrance, but with a very big heart.

I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a fragrance for the day time, for work/school or for fun spring/summer time. I wouldn't use it myself for very formal settings.

Voyage is for people that want to smell good and unique, while making a statement that isn't "in your face" kind of thing like that screaming odors that we can smell in some fragrances.

This is good, yes, but it is one of the Terre D'Hermes 'departure clones'. It's like Hermes saw the popularity of TdH and decided to make as many variations on the same theme but with a few highlighting notes to distinguish. Iso E Super in a 'cologne' like lightness. It's ok.

UPDATE: it is hard to wear this without thinking about TdH, however if you can, and can see this outside of all things Hermes, then you should like it.
I rate it a thumbs up now, because of how well it's stand the course of time...a dozen years in 2022.

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