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Reviews of Voyage by Nautica

There are 115 reviews of Voyage by Nautica.

Nautica Voyage is a fresh, fruity, green fragrance. To my nose the scent trajectory reveals both green and aquatic elements making this fragrance interesting and great for warm days. Nautica Voyage was created by master perfumer Maurice Roucel who has created some great fragrances for designer brands and well known niche labels. If this fragrance had a Dior or Versace label then it would easily sell for seven times the price. As it happens Voyage can be found for under $20, for such a well blended and nice scent that is excellent value.
Nautica Voyage opens with woody, fruity (green apple) notes, as it settles on the skin the musk comes to the fore. During the dry-down the marine notes are noticeable giving that fresh aquatic vibe it is also slightly floral after it has dried on the skin. It is a very clean and appealing scent. This is a great fragrance for the gyms bag, I also use it when out and about on the weekend on warm spring and summer days. There is a good arm length projection and slight sillage trail in the first couple of hours of wear, probably why many wearers have reported positive reactions and compliments. Nautica Voyage lasts about 6 hours on my skin, so overall a good performer, great scent and fantastic value. I enjoy wearing it and find it a great addition to my collection. I highly recommend it, especially for a younger guy looking for something affordable yet great quality.
Oct 17, 2021

Tropical, fruity notes that evoke warm memories of Summer, Nautica Voyage is a fruit-filled journey with a clean ending. To my nose Nautica Voyage appears similar to Marc Jacobs for Men but lacks the cloying factor I found with the Jacobs scent. Thumbs Up!
Jul 3, 2021

Absolutely worthy of its popularity. I waited until I'd plowed through 30 new fragrances to begin my fragrance journey before buying this. This should have been purchase #1. Doubly so with regards to blue frags. I bought around 4, searching for exactly what Voyage delivers, which is effervescence, energy, freshness, forward but non-cloying fruit, and a well structure musk/amber/woody dry down that just smells fantastic.

Perfect for early morning workouts, the gym, hot summer days, walks on the beach. Sailing! Lol. It definitely leans casual. I agree 100% with @Varanis Radari that this isn't an all season/all occasion affair. But it doesn't have to be. For me, it really is perfect for what it does.

If “fresh”, “blue” or “aquatic” is the goal, Voyage is the first answer. Break out from here. I wish I had! Take the trip!

Bon Voyage!
Jun 3, 2021

Nautica Voyage (2006) is a fragrance that receives an unprecedented and unexpected amount of hype to the house of Nautica, which is something that seemingly defies all logic considering how loathed the house overall is among men in the online fragrance community, especially trend-conscious ones obsessed with optics and peer validation. All the toxic online popularity-chasing "FragBro" nonsense aside, Nautica Voyage also gets a ton of recommendations from just about anyone with a passing knowledge of fragrance in the online community, particularly as a cheap one-size-fits-all starter fragrance to get new blood "in the game". Now I don't know if I can heartily make the same recommendation as others do, because I see things my own way (take it or leave it), but I can say that Nautica Voyage is among the finer and more versatile aquatic options from the 2000's decade. You might think otherwise, but that really isn't saying much considering how many aquatics littered perfume counters by the end of the 2000's. Additionally, the sour candy fruit profile really dates this fragrance in my eyes as having been someone who lived that decade as a 20-something, yet it still seems relevant with young buyers. With that being said though, if you were going to pick only one aquatic to add a bit of dumb reach freshness to an otherwise diverse collection, Nautica Voyage wouldn't be the worst one you could choose, thanks to the somewhat novel approach perfumer Maurice Roucel took when making it.

Nautica Voyage is one of two fragrances Roucel made for the brand the year it launched, with the other one being Nautica Blue (2006), but the latter was a fairly rote exercise in fruity musky 90's aquatic style, while Voyage was clearly of its own time. The biggest thing you'll notice is a really sharp ozonic green apple note. I mean come on, this was the 2000's, and the ozonic "radioactive" top note was everywhere in men's fragrance, so it was only a matter of time before an aquatic got saddled with it too. Being a sort of "ozonic aquatic" like the earlier Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani (1996), Voyage operates without the benefit of white florals and lots of hedione to soften the landing into something a bit more classic in execution, so it stays very bombastic into the base. This tart green apple ozone is paired with a soft cucumber and herbal garrigue notes, but the important part is the sci-fi beta and gamma ionones, acetates, calone 1951, and dihydromyrcenol treatment of the heart. This time we see unabashed aromachemicals shaped into sunny warm forms of lotus (like a sweeter violet) and mimosa (pasty and dewy), but offering a similar fruity backdrop as Nautica Blue minus any powder. The real kicker here is the geranium that adds metallic sheen, plus a sharp tonka and oakmoss near-fougère base combined with fruity galaxolide musks and some Iso E Super "cedar". Performance here is amazing for a Nautica scent, but just above average for pretty much anything else, lasting eight hours on skin with strong projection in the first 45 minutes, then moderate projection to mild as you run through those eight hours. Best use is summer causal day wear or anytime after a shower.

The craziness of people calling this a great all-season starter is beyond me, or even as an office fragrance, because of how fruity and deliberately youthful it smells to me. Maybe it's the mild blue color of the juice and the rather heavy monolithic bottle that gives people the impression this is meant to be more serious than it really is, perhaps proving how marketing determines the "smell" nearly to the same degree as the perfumer. The thing that makes Nautica Voyage shine in my eyes is that brash fruitiness, combined with a rather surprisingly gender-neutral execution of tones, and the sharp in-it-to-win-it aromatic base, even if traces of the same old laundry musk song and dance still clearly provide the foundation. Maybe the appeal here among the online perfume cognoscenti is the seemingly ageless mass appeal and performance of Nautica Voyage because of all the Nautica scents out there, Voyage is both the most-projecting and people-pleasing. Since that social proof and ego stroking seem to be of so much importance to the clout-checking "FragBro" segment, it may make sense to recommend a scent that pound-for-pound offers big "returns" on investment for its price, even if when worn for enjoyment Voyage is only marginally better than other mainstream aquatics of its class. For a stronger cucumber vibe, Kenneth Cole Reaction (2004) will serve better, and if you want the most-essential Nautica scent for collectors, the eponymous Nautica (1992) is for you. Maurice Roucel made a good, fun, and performing aquatic, but to claim more is overstating the value of this bargain bon voyage. Thumbs up
Feb 6, 2021

The opening of this one prevents me from getting within 3 inches of where I applied the fragrance. Very synthetic, ozonic, overall headache-inducing. Dries down to something passable, but I regret wearing it every single time I spray it on. It was given to me as a gift by a family member as I usually test fragrances before purchasing. No, no, no! Hard pass. The only redeeming quality about this fragrance is the price and the longevity, things that are at the bottom of my personal list of what's important.
May 4, 2020

Like everyone has said: Classic "ozonic" aquatic, which I really enjoy. Not too sweet, which I really appreciate.

But just a little on the weak-side performance wise - not as strong as Cool Water. Never have to worry about over-spraying - it's made for that.

Very affordable, great versatility for summer days or the gym. Great for the high school kid in your life.
May 3, 2020

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