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Voyage by Nautica

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Voyage is a men's fragrance launched in 2006 by Nautica

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Reviews of Voyage by Nautica

There are 120 reviews of Voyage by Nautica.

Bought this blind because of all the great reviews; I needed something I could wear in the Venusian heat and humidity of late Summer in Washington DC. And it's nice! Really nice. Initially just smells of fresh apples and a bit of standard aquatic freshness, then dries down to what it stays with for the duration, which is something resembling Gillette shave gel or mass-market body wash. Which is fine! It's not amazing, but it is very pleasant and keeps you smelling fresh to yourself in the August heat.

Until about noon, when it's basically all but disappeared. Just doesn't last. But for the price, you could keep a second bottle in the office to freshen up after lunch.

You can pretty much douse yourself in this after you get out of the shower; I don't believe it's possible to overdo it. More of an after-shower body mist than a "cologne," I guess. But 18 bucks? It's incredible.

A typical aquatic “clean” scent, with a fruit twist. I really enjoy this, but I find the longevity to be lacking in a big way. The opening fresh water/green apple fruit immediately drew me in, but soon after applying it fades to near nothing. An hour or two after applying it’s gone. It seems to dry down to nothing on my skin. I wish the base of this cologne had more oomph. I like when I can catch faint whiffs of whatever scent I’m wearing throughout the day, and this makes it seem as if I didn’t apply anything. Still giving it a thumbs up because it does smell great at first. Just wish it lasted longer.

Has become the bar by which I tend to 'rate' all other fragrances. The price doesn't matter here, this scent checks all the boxes and fires on all cylinders. There's a reason it's the best-selling fragrance on Amazon, with tens of thousands of 5-star reviews.

Whenever a list is made of the greatest all-time male fragrances, you see the same names pop up over and over. Bleu de Chanel, Sauvage, Aventus.

There are so many videos now showing people blindly smelling those vs. Nautica Voyage, and almost always preferring Voyage, or at the very least enjoying both in equal measure. When you strip away the bougieness of a brand name, a price, a reputation, and it all just comes to scent - Nautica Voyage can hold its own against any brand going.

This is obviously 'blue,' spring/summery, fresh, sweet and pleasant. A 15 year old can enjoy this as readily as a 70 year old can. The fragrance transcends age and gender. I would argue that there is no greater 'crowd-pleaser' than Voyage on the market today. An easy blind buy. An easy reach. An easy signature scent. This works in any situation, and really any season, though it's best suited for warmer months. If I were to suggest any one single fragrance to start a collection - it would be this one. It's an easy one to set the bar. At $15-$20 USD, the value is unquestionable.

This fragrance's affordable price point does not reflect the quality of the scent. It has a unique aroma that is not typically found in fragrances, although it may be reminiscent of fabric softeners, laundry detergents, or air fresheners. Despite this, the fragrance performs well, with good longevity and projection for a fresh scent. While the cucumber note can sometimes veer into detergent-like territory, it contributes to the overall fresh and green aquatic scent. Although marketed for spring and summer, it can be worn year-round due to its good performance. The fragrance may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who enjoy fresh, aquatic, and green scents, it does an excellent job. The fragrance may not be frequently reached for, but it can be worn before bed due to its relaxing water-like quality.

A likeable blue aquatic with a green apple twist that covers the same territory as a zillion others only surprisingly better than many scents more expensive in the genre. Impressive bottle design presents well and price point makes it worthy of any collection.

The green + apple top is fresh and delightful, joining the aquatic notes as a warm weather freshie that is office safe and ageless. You could gift this to a high schooler or wear it as a great casual scent for a man of any age. This is a must buy for almost anyone looking for a budget friendly add. Thumbs up.

Nautica Voyage is a fresh, fruity, green fragrance. To my nose the scent trajectory reveals both green and aquatic elements making this fragrance interesting and great for warm days. Nautica Voyage was created by master perfumer Maurice Roucel who has created some great fragrances for designer brands and well known niche labels. If this fragrance had a Dior or Versace label then it would easily sell for seven times the price. As it happens Voyage can be found for under $20, for such a well blended and nice scent that is excellent value.
Nautica Voyage opens with woody, fruity (green apple) notes, as it settles on the skin the musk comes to the fore. During the dry-down the marine notes are noticeable giving that fresh aquatic vibe it is also slightly floral after it has dried on the skin. It is a very clean and appealing scent. This is a great fragrance for the gyms bag, I also use it when out and about on the weekend on warm spring and summer days. There is a good arm length projection and slight sillage trail in the first couple of hours of wear, probably why many wearers have reported positive reactions and compliments. Nautica Voyage lasts about 6 hours on my skin, so overall a good performer, great scent and fantastic value. I enjoy wearing it and find it a great addition to my collection. I highly recommend it, especially for a younger guy looking for something affordable yet great quality.

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