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Diptyque (2012)

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Volutes Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

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Volutes Eau de Parfum is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Diptyque

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Reviews of Volutes Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

There are 7 reviews of Volutes Eau de Parfum by Diptyque.

A modern "oriental" perfume clearly based on Hermes Ambre Narguile, with its signature mix of pipe tobacco, honey, pie spices, and fruit with ash running through the whole thing. It dries down to a nice, spiced vanilla.

Not badly done, and there was a point 13 years ago where this was my absolute favorite style of niche perfume, but I've smelled a LOT of these since then and almost no one seems to have made a significant improvement to Jean Claude Elena's original recipe, with its vanilla pudding amber drydown.

The EDT sticks fairly closely to the to the Hermes formula, though is possibly a bit lighter on the pie spices, which leads to the less lavish base.

But the good news is that the EDP improves things considerably by adding a smoky, peaty whisky note, which amplifies the ash in a good way, while the booziness plays with the fruit and spices to give a deep raisin character. This is the rare exception that seems to have found a way to bring new life and excitement to what's becoming a tired cliche. Nice work!

Thumbs way up for the EDP, but the EDT gets a neutral.

Diptyque Volutes Eau de Parfum (2012) is the richer counterpart to the discontinued eau de toilette Volutes (2012), that somehow survived the culling of the EdT and remained available in limited locations that carry the full range of Diptyque fragrances (including the boutiques). This scent in any form has something of a cult following because of this partial discontinuation, and scaling back of availability of the remaining eau de parfum, thus receiving some hype from the usual trophy hunters that flock like moth to a flame whenever they sniff rarity on the wind. Diptyque usually handles richer and more redolent scents very well anyway, so I was not surprised here when smelling this and finding it instantly likeable, although fans of the fallen EdT do denote some key differences between it and this one, which they say is richer and less about tobacco. Sampling discontinued niche fragrances is an even bigger shot in the dark than your average discontinued venerated designer "unicorn", so I'll just have to take everyone's word for it about the differences.

This Fabrice Pellegrin scent opens with a sweetness of honey and styrax, having puffs of powdery iris soon after with a bit of vanilla to smooth it over. Spices of cinnamon and pink pepper enter the heart and kicks things up into something savory for me, before a leathery incense feel comes over the entirety of the scent. This is the modern suede-type leather that's so common anymore, and not a sharp sour tannery leather like a classic chypre, but opoponax and a tonka tobacco note keep it interesting with pops of earthy smokiness and leafy just-stuffed-pipe vibe. This tobacco feel really works well with the vanilla, cinnamon, and honey of the upper levels, making a sweet, smooth, complex tobacco accord that is dried by the iris just enough to not feel cloying. Wear time is pretty long at ten hours but people wanting Volutes to scream off collars like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (2007) should look elsewhere, as this is mostly a close-wearing experience beyond the first half an hour or so. Volutes Eau de Parfum is marketed unisex but sways a bit masculine in theme to my nose, but your thoughts may differ.

What's perhaps stranger than a half-discontinuation of this 2012 launch is the subsequent down-playing of the surviving EdP, as Diptyque isn't usually one to hem and haw about keeping things on the market, and they'll either make a slow seller a website exclusive or just chop it altogether rather than play games with distribution across their network like they have here. As it stands, you have to ask for Volutes Eau de Parfum to see if a counter even has it, and the counter I found that had it out to test commented that people who buy it come in looking for it, with nobody stumbling upon it by accident like the others and purchasing after testing. Curiouser and curioser I say, but what do I know? The skinny on this is if you ever wanted to smell how Diptyque handles a tobacco fragrance, now you have your answer. A honey-dipped spiced tobacco laced with fragrant incense burning in the background is what comes to mind with Volutes, and if the eau de toilette was somehow even better (I can imagine it was probably drier and more projecting), I can understand the veneration this one gets. Not your average Diptyque, Volutes EdP is a bit of a lark to find, but worth discovering. Thumbs up.

A sweeter type of M7 on my skin. Very good quality, but stays way too close to my skin for my tastes. Stays fairly linear, which is fine because this has a pleasant vibe.

Ultimately, I would like others in my vicinity to enjoy this as much as I do; but alas, they cannot. That should make it a neutral, but the scent is of such good quality that I can't bring myself to do that. At least I am able to enjoy it throughout the day, as wafts continue to greet me for 8 hours+. Just wish it projected some.


Has an odd minty opening for me that settles into a honeyed smoke almost incense like. Powdery tobacco at the base. The odd mix of tobacco, honey, and powder surprised me that it melded so well together.

Volutes by Diptyque is one of those fragrances with some well done common notes that initially reminds you of another fragrance in your olfactory memory, but then the more you wear it the more you begin to realize Volutes is actually fairly unique. The opening is a strong honey and spices with a rich tobacco playing underneath. As the tobacco warms forward the fragrance takes on a Serge Lutens like character, with styrax providing supporting body. The tobacco is a rich Turkish bazaar type that is quite alluring when paired with the spiced honey. In time, a soft iris emerges, which takes off the styrax edge and steers the scent into a floral, honey and tobacco dry down. The later stage feels slightly powdery and typical of iris. While not a sillage bully, the styrax portion leans a little artificial in tone. Longevity was 8+ hours, but at an acceptable low volume. I like the honey and tobacco notes in this and was addictively sniffing my wrist through the day. A certain Thumbs Up.

Review of the Eau de Parfum:

Here the honey is stronger and the tobacco still plays the second fiddle, together with the iris.

The performance is excellent with thirteen hours of longevity. My preferred Volutes. 3.5/5.

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