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Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan (2006)

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Voleur de Ciels by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan

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Reviews of Voleur de Ciels by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan

There are 5 reviews of Voleur de Ciels by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan.

Although I am a big fan of Stephanie de Saint Aignan perfumes, I cannot rate this one highly. Is is possible to get a bad sample? Is it somehow not compatible with my skin? The only way I can describe it is "dirty ashtray." It opens (for me) with the smell of my great-grandparent's 30 year old sofa...stale cigarettes and mothballs. The mothballs gradually evaporate & you're left with the ashtray effect. I end up with no other notes than tobacco. I don't know how this one went wrong on me.

I've loved Voleur de Ciels since I first sampled it almost two years ago, and finally - finally, I've got a bottle and can properly analyze it. I've never been one for note pyramids or lists when writing reviews, but they do help when the identity of a note or accord is right on the tip of your tongue. However, looking at VdC's note list doesn't help me at all - it fact it just doesn't seem right at all.The notes per Luckyscent are: mint bouquet, Jasmin, milky notes, leather. Instead what I experience from the opening is a distinct tabac accord with subtle florals adding breadth (there is no distinct jasmine that I can detect). As the heart emerges there is some similarity with chypres in the sense that a mossy/woody note emerges that mimics oakmoss...but ultimately it's just a similarity. A distinct leatheriness that underlies the heart emerges as the base, along with a touch of muskiness. Longevity is fantastic, with hints of leather on my skin the next morning after application.Overall Voleur de Ciels is certainly masculine but not harsh - it's certainly wearable by the kind of perfumista who wears Tabac Blonde or perhaps En Avion. As with other Stephanie de S-A perfumes, it's well constructed and superbly balanced. Unlike many new niche houses, the accords seem all original and the quality of materials is clearly evident. Excellent stuff....

I loooove this! On me it opens with big jasmine and some expensibve leather or suede. it softens up with a wonderful scent of floral tea. Sounds a bit feminine, but it really works on me.

I know others may love this but Voleur de Ciels smelled absolutely horrible on me. The topnote gave off awful wafts of cheapish amber and what smelled just like (I hate to say this but....) sweet-ish decaying, rotting flesh. Like the smell of a piece of raw meat that's been forgotten in the back of your refrigerator for 3-4 weeks. Oh dear, Voleur de Ciels was disgusting and I could not wash it off fast enough so I cannot tell you what the middle and basenote were like. Also, for some reason, Voleur de Ciels reminded me a lot of Neil Morris' Coral. Here are the notes: wood, chypre, mint, jasmine, milky notes and leather.

Voleur de Ciels (sky thief) is one of the masculine-labeled fragrances in Stephanie de Saint-Aignan's line (but I find it absolutely suitable for a woman as well). It's a quite unusual chypre that starts fresh and spicy with notes of mint and jasmine, followed by anise and a leather note. Finally, a Patchouli accord unfolds. The fragrance is refreshing and cool with a metallic tone at first; later, when the spices and the patchouli come out, it gets increasingly glowing and warm. A unique composition that combines traditional ingredients of classic men's colognes with innovative elements. Long-lasting, with powerful sillage. A winner.

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