Voile de Violette 
Sonoma Scent Studio (2007)

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Reviews of Voile de Violette by Sonoma Scent Studio

There are 11 reviews of Voile de Violette by Sonoma Scent Studio.

Languorous, velvet bittersweet violet pastilles and crispy, dry paper. Soft green and sappy, resinous wood base plays with gentle fruitiness. A fluffy creaminess envelops the entire scent and helps to diffuse some the stronger floral notes. It's a thoughtful fragrance that carries with it a romantic maudlin feel. This a nice scent lending itself temperate weather, and leans feminine on my skin. I do like it and appreciate the creation of the scent.

Unfortunately, I won't wearing it for long because something in it is leaving a nauseous ball in my midsection and a dull headache developing behind the ears and between my eyes.
Nov 4, 2020

For the briefest second a tiny sweet violet note tickled me. A screech of rose then accosted my nose. Other notes joined in all mingled. I smelled wet hay, almost urine-like. Green, sour, stale something...

The smell of fresh blooms scooped up in quantity, inhaled deeply. Again, the little violet, sweet powdery little violet smiles at me. It hovers like a little faery, flittering about, and above, the green notes.

VDV is pretty in the whole. It is fairly representative of the real thing - violet in its truest form.
Dec 20, 2018

Edwardian Violet

This is beautiful in a way that is layered with a romantic sort of sadness. I think of a woman riding her horse through a forest, thinking about choices she has made, should have made and must make. I think of both the gloom of the forest and the various places of relief where sunlit area is almost mythically identified with golden light and greens so bright it looks impossible.

This is not a violet for everyone, which is definitely shown in the reviews. I think that adds to the appeal. You will never smell this on a large crowd, nobody is going to recognize it, it is true ART. I think it is elegantly done, and achieves what I was craving from a new violet scent - an experience of the entire flower and its location, and memory of an era that valued it.
Nov 30, 2018

I detect a hint of violet at first, and then Voile de Violette turns into a heavy, bitter myrrh and nothing else. Really nothing else. On me, a most unpleasant experience.
May 27, 2015

Voile de Violette is predominantly a violet fragrance, but, on me, the rose plays a strong supporting role, even though the list of notes indicates only a "hint" of rose -- maybe my skin brings it out.

I don't find this violet powdery in the least, despite the presence of iris. Rather, I think the vegetal/rooty aspects of iris are emphasized, and the iris, vetiver, and violet leaf combine to bring a green earthiness to Voile de Violette. It is NOT, however, mossy. It also isn't particularly sweet on me, but I tend to have a *very* high tolerance for sweet fragrances, so I may not be the best judge of how relatively sweet it is or is not.

This is Voile de Violette for me: picture a carpet of newly opened violets on wet earth in early spring after a good rain. The violet is both green and lush at the same time, and the rose gives it a jammy, almost plum-like quality in the opening. Then the violet, rose, and cedar share center stage for most of the wearing, at least on me. I have yet to locate the myrrh -- I hope I do find it because I love myrrh.

Like nearly all of Laurie's fragrances, Voile de Violette has *amazing* longevity. I wore it the other day and could still smell it in my hair in the shower after more than 24 hours.
Feb 23, 2013

Reminds me of a bitter Rosine Rose d'Homme with violet added. I expect it would smell better on a person with sweet skin than it does on me. I tend to make fragrances smell sour.
Jan 22, 2013

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