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Visit by Azzaro

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Reviews of Visit by Azzaro

A critic once wrote there are seven basic plots and all stories are versions of these themes.
Perfumery - being one of the lesser arts - conforms to this rule as well. Most perfumes are – after all – just variations of a story that’s already been told.

Visit, with its ginger and peppery woods, is an early and mild version of the Spiky Woods - which is a hero narrative. The Hero overcomes the Monster and gains the Riches or Princess; which is the way just about every modern masculine has been advertised.
Armani Code is a good example of this, and Ok, there aren’t any monsters in the adverts but that’s the basic idea : wear this to boost your masculinity and get the girl (or a tuxedo)...

The first minute of Visit for men is an echo of the still missed Rush for Men EAU DE TOILETTE. That freshly chopped wood-smell mixed with, what to me is the smell of Windex, and with that creaminess from the musk that is used in Gucci's masterpiece. Really good and promising. Everything seems to be replicated very well and in fine tune.

The problem starts when, after 5min, the sexy combo (musk and chopped woods) became less vibrant, interesting and enveloping. The whole thing became just a shadow or a picture, without personality and movement. My opinion is that the budget wasn't that good and Annick Ménardo had to use the best ingredients for the opening. I don't know if it was the green cardamom or the dusty fresh nutmeg, that i can definitely smell from those 5 to 10min, that make the opening so good and promising but after the naturals dissipate, the woods and musk, although pleasant, can't reach the glorious opening.

The drydown is still good, pleasant and very woody but it kinda lost interest and became a bit flat. Don't get me wrong, the fragrance isn't bad and i still recomend it for someone that wants to know how Gucci Rush smelled, but you have to know that Gucci Rush is the whole song and this is just the intro.

The fragrance lasts 6-8h and projects moderately during the first hour or so.

Not the worst Ménardo creation but a bit disappointing. It is still affable and fairly decent, specially, considering the price that you can find for a 100ml bottle. The opening is great, though.


Blind bought this due to the incense note. It's okay for the price, but the incense note felt a bit artificial and unnatural. The nutmeg tries to give the incense some life, but the pink peppers create some rough edges that doesn't sit well with me.

I believe I am smelling the reformulated version since it doesn't last more than a few hours. It just feels like a fuzzy, somewhat dry, industrial incense. If incense could be manufactured in a industrial factory, this would be it.

The sillage smells pleasant, but I'm not sure I can tolerate it on my skin.

The opening blast is characterised by a slightly peppery spiciness, some cardamom and a fresh, nigh aquatic undertone, which is resembling more Escentric molecules than aldehydes.

The drydown bring in a nonspecific woodsy note, whilst the base has rounded off the latter by white musks with touches of spice, amber, whiffs of tonka and diluted coconut milk.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and eleven hours of longevity on me, albeit extremely close to my skin for at least half of this time.

This creation for warmer autumn days is not particularly unpleasant, but it is so generic and screamingly synthetic that it is definitely nothing to write home about. 2.5/5.

I was searching for a nice woody scent with noticable sandalwood, cedarwood notes - and after reading all the reviews I found Azzaro Visit, it was a blind buy. My expectations were so high! I used it for the first time today and I can't say I'm impressed.I was expecting a more fresh, modern woody scent - something like CdG Wonderoud. It is nothing like I imagined. I agree with one of the other reviews that nutmeg or incense is too powerful on this one. It doesn't give that "blue" woody feeling, so bottle is also misleading. To me this is a very "warm" scent - suitable for winter and the wood notes are too sweet. It is very unique though, which is a plus. I think sandalwood note should have been more dominant with fresh spices, then it would be a masterpiece.

Cheap ripoff of Gucci Rush for Men; it completely lacks in the class, the complexity and the grace of Gucci, but it is not bad if you're willing to settle and lower your expectations. I mean, it is a bit like a well made doll resembling to a human being, it looks like the real thing but lacking in warmth and vibrancy – in life, shortly. Azzaro Visit is all about synthetic cedar and sandalwood, with a ton of Iso E Super and some violet; fresh, “urban”, really simple and moderately enjoyable. More dry and more woody than Rush, more peppery/nutmeg too, and above all more openly, harshly synthetic... but decent for the price.


VISIT is a woody spicy which contrary to prejudices can be carried into day wear without problem.modern but with a touch of traditional feeling. It is absolutely woody,masculine,but not overbearing.audacious,captivating, earthy,warm,strong,nice but nothing extraordinary.

It blends a mildly sweet scent with a more subtle spice which is a perfect balance for business settings yet pleasure moments. In fact It starts with spicy notes not too strong but It is strong enough to turn heads. Incense,cedar in the heart make this quite masculine.

I recommend it to a strong and smart man who likes a good woody fragrance with incense.VISIT is definately a winter fragrance.perfect for any occasion.I wouldn't say I like it more than CHROME but It is a nice manly smell indeed.

Azzaro Visit is a nice cedar fragrance with a touch of incense. However, I personally could never warm up to it for some reason. I am inclined to believe it's the nutmeg. The fragrance is well blended, and it is hard to pick out individual notes. It is fairly linear over the course of its life on skin. I mostly smell cedar, nutmeg, some spices and incense. It is more cloudy than smoky. It has a particular ethereal character that is quite appealing. However, it is not fleeting and reasonably tenacious.
I feel if the calibration was a bit different, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Particularly if the nutmeg was toned down. In its current self it is still an enjoyable fragrance and I recommend people to check it out. It is just not for me.

Average, from start to finish This is an average fragrance. The spicy sweetened notes you get at the opening will start to fade until you get a pleasant woody but bland aroma. Fortunately I bought a 1.7 oz that I won't give away but I'll definitely won't replace when finished.Pros: Cheap, not aggressiveCons: Unimaginative, synthetic

I will categorize this scent into 2 parts as Highs and Lows (from my own scent preferences)
It lasts quite long. I was wearing it from early morning and even in late night I could feel its odor. For a short period of use I kind a liked it. Odor is strong and extremely masculine.
After some period odor made me annoyed. I just got used to it too fast. But the worst part is from all notes you can mainly feel pink pepper and cedar. Both of them are so heavy that you may think that you've taken pink pepper & cedar shower.
So my overall review for this perfume is neutral. It cannot get more than 6 out of 10. Basically its strong, masculine average perfume which wont cost you too much in order to just give a try.

Cedar and Pepper are evident here. Decent longevity.
Was surprised that one reviewer noted compliments from the ladies.
I have received my shares of a approval on what I had on, but this one owns the distinction of never ever garnering even the slightest notice.

Spicy, musky, woody. Red pepper sure hits in fast, high and strong and lingers quite much. It takes time to settle down, at least on my skin. Succsefull 25-40 urbane guy is the vibe this scent truly emits. Did it make me go about it? No. Is it a compliment getter or does it make you a guy that stands out from the crowd smelling this way? Yes. I'm actually glad it's part of my collection. Scent is exquisitely longlasting, projective and stylish, but I just can't give it thumbs up. There's just something elusive that doesn't let me do that.

Open a bottle of Tang (orange powder drink mix sold in U.S.) and the aroma of Azarro Visit (homme) is what you'll get. Nothing especially complicated about that: artificial orange, vitamin C, some other functional citrus essences. It is hard to label this a fine fragrance, but it is interesting when so many masculines veer toward fruity/woody/aquatic. Still, I wouldn't chance it in an interview (with either a potential employer or a potential lover).

Moderately sweetened cedar, in the family of Gucci Rush and Tam Dao...I should have reviewed it concurrently with Rush. What's nice here is that Visit has some definite juniper in the top which is pretty refreshing if you realize what it is, otherwise it just seems like sniffing glue. It sets the stage for this to be a rather "light" heavy/winter scent, which I have to respect. As much as I like this for how strictly pure and true of a wood scent it is, it's too blunt and unfinished. It survives better than Rush, which isn't saying much, but still ends up just being a romantic evening stroll through the lumberyard, with wood glue cocktails for two.

I don't really care for this. It is somewhat original and doesn't smell like a lot of designer frags that are out there. However, there is a reason I found this in the bargain bin at the Maxx. It is just too boring. Maybe I'm in a stage right now where a frag has got to do SOMETHING for me. I mean we all like to smell good but I would also like to feel an emotion to it when I wear it. This doesn't do anything for me. I find it to be overly synthetic and there is some note in the opening or heart that really doesn't sit well with me. Could be the nutmeg that many have mentioned. The bad note doesn't last too long and then your stuck with a long and boring drydown. I don't get a lot of the listed notes either, just the cedarwood, musk, and amber. No incense, pink pepper, or gaiac wood to my nose. The pink pepper and incense would have changed things but I don't really get those notes in there. I can kinda see the comparisons to Gucci PH 1. But I find GPH1 to be better even though it is a little more brass than Visit. The cedar and amber are amped up more in GPH1, and against what I would think, actually make GPH1 a better choice. I rate this one neutral only because it is wearable and doesn't smell bad at all. It's just that I want a little more feeling from my frags and I don't get one from this one. I will probably sample this again in a few months because I do agree with Bigsly that this has potential. It could just be the wrong setting (season, temp, mood) for me to fully enjoy right now. It isn't uncommon for frags to "grow" on me and this very well could, in the future. Who knows?

As some other people has mentioned, nutmeg comes out quite clearly on this one. Otherwise it is very woody with sharp peppery edge. Drydown softens up the aroma developing a smooth musk incense-y smell. I get weird metallic accord that lurks underneath this scent from start to beginning – I am not aware where is that coming from. (I must admit I haven't read reviews on this one carefully enough to say if anyone else has noticed this metallic tone, or is it just me…)On me the lasting power is surreal. It sticks deep into the skin. Not strikingly unique; this indeed does remind of many other fragrance. Joop! Rococo is perhaps the one I think of most, although Visit is sharper, warmer and slightly more complex creation. But they both have same kind of dry pencil note to them.Visit is a fine scent and highly recommended if you like edgy woody fragrances. It's not for me though: I am much happier with some other woody fragrances of this kind - such as Gucci PH and Essence of John Galliano - plus I have noticed that Visit has a budding tendency to sting my nostrils.

light smoky spicy wood... ok maybe for an older guy. Gucci pour homme is similar except much better, GPH is sweeter and warmer.

For me, the stand-out notes here are the pepper and cedar. This duo takes me back a few summers when I used to wear Lacoste Pour Femme...very similar! Actually, I don't find the nutmeg in Visit to be un-welcome at all. It comes off quite complimentary in it's relationship with the other notes. What I do pick up though is a slightly metallic undercurrent that baffles me...Overall, Visit is a bit bland and very safe. Certainly, there are many other stunning scents to spend your dollars on!

100% Nutmeg and amber! Thats basically all i get out of this! Very in your face! A bit obnoxious and 'mean.' I would never wear this, as it reminds me of Gucci PH, except for the nutmeg. Cant..wont! Thumb...?

i dont like it.somehow it smell cheap drug store juice

I started off loving it, just as teflondog and livejazz did, and now I share their sentiments. Too much nutmeg indeed. It doesn't smell like much else to me. I still like it, I don't know why, but I can't wear it anymore, which sucks because I have a 97% full 3.4oz bottle of it.

This site needs a fourth category (along with thumbs up, down, and neutral)-fragrances that are interesting but that I would never, ever wear. Visit is distinctive and long lasting, but I've never once woken up and said to myself, "I'd like to reek of nutmeg today." The nutmeg just dominates Visit. I like the scent of nutmeg, but I don't want to smell like I've bathed in it.

Review update. There's too much nutmeg in this. I've started to feel that it dominates the scent for too long. The drydown is still nice, but i've grown tired of the nutmeg. Make sure you like nutmeg before you consider buying this.

Just like LiveJazz, I have to do an update review on this one. Initially I thought of it as a great scent. But after wearing it more times, I've come to the realization that this has too much nutmeg and incense. Of all of the scents I own, this is the only one that my nose gets tired of at the end of the day. Despite what others say, I find it extremely linear, which probably contributes to my weariness of it. It also doesn't quit regardless of how much I try to scrub it off. I prefer woody scents to be dry and smooth such as Gucci PH. I find this one too smoldering and rough. It's like a burning log in the fireplace.

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