Violet Delirium fragrance notes

  • Head

    • saffron accord​
  • Heart

    • jasmine sambac absolute, rose absolute, chocolate accord
  • Base

    • thai oud, burmese oud, musk, ethical ambergris, animal notes, filth​​​​​​​

Latest Reviews of Violet Delirium

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Violet is one of my fave notes in perfumary.
This is a special unique frag.
I dont think this will be for everyone, but it's a wow from me, and I recommend if you can go visit ATH shop and try. ATH has some really good bangers in his collection. He also looks after his customers with his generosity.
This does remind me a bit of Amouage Imitation tho a touch.
Dark Violet smell with a nice musky base.

Overall 9.6- 10
Performance 9.4- 10
Longevity 9.5- 10
Sillage 9.0- 10
21st June 2022