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    • rhubarb, patchouli, violet, amber, incense, cedarwood

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Drugstore-candy violet soliflore sharpened at the top a just bit by a second (literally) of rhubarb and rounded off at the base just a bit by a second (literally) of patchouli.

An expression of violet that probably should be sampled by enjoyers of perfume-as-art. However, it is so unchanging that you'll build a concrete conception of it over time and have almost no reason to spray it.

Find a partial from someone who, like me, got what they could out of it -- get what you can out of it -- and sell as a partial to the next sicko.
7th August 2022
My initial spritz, done at my vanity, was rewarded with a reflection of crinkled up nose and an audible, “UUGGGH!” The acrid stench of rotted violets, fruit, and greenery swirled with alcohol and patched up incense. Synthetic and chemically. Almost immediately, the pungency was replaced with smoky violets, and incensed bonfire. Then I couldn't stop smelling my wrists. All at once my mind flashed fascination, repugnance, interest, and disgust. It's a conundrum of a scent. A little burnt, dirty, a hint of sweet floral, chemically alcohol-like cold metal turning humid soil. I won't be purchasing a bottle because I wouldn't wear it, but I appreciate it's unusualness. How strange!

Note: my daughter is repeatedly swatting my arm away, and yelling, “Eeww!” It did turn overly powdery and too synthetic in the deep dry down.
8th October 2020

I'm torn on this fragrance. On the one hand I love how unusual it is. I've really never smelled anything like it before. On the other hand, I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I definitely get hints of chemical warehouse coming from this scent. It's as if I have been working at some strange factory all day and the scent followed me home. Do I like smelling it, yes. Would I buy a bottle and wear it everyday, I don't think so.
23rd February 2019
Right-o, thekelleybelle, this is a dirty, animalic violet. I don't get any sense of wetness that would call up the Dead Marshes, but if we are going for LotR's reference, I'd say Frodo and Sam resting on the rock outside of Mount Doom, the fumes of a molten ring of power still clinging, old sweat washed off by new, and contrasting with their natural hobbit freshness.

There's a great deal of settling down in the first 30-45 minutes, and by an hour and half the startle factor recedes to reveal a warm and comforting base--Aha, the eagles are here.

I call it absolutely masculine, too sexy for church, and I have a specific image of the wearer-- late spring, suited up for the office, but reminding everyone there's muscle under that gabardine. I give a wholehearted thumbs up.

3rd September 2018
The first spritz of Vio-Volta brought with it the acrid smell of a green weed coated with Roundup right after it's been pulled from the soil. Not fresh garden soil, though, more like a dank, overly moist soil infected with bacteria. The dry down smells like what Frodo probably smelled like after he fell into the Dead Marshes, but after his clothes dried and stiffened.

Way too dirty for my taste but could work for either gender if this is your kind of thing.

EDIT: After testing Mona di Oro's Violette Fumée, I think Vio Volta is basically a rancid, almost metallic VF. Worth trying if you appreciate a challenge, but you've been warned!
22nd April 2018