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Demeter Fragrance Library (2009)

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There are 2 reviews of Vintage Naturals 2009 Mimosa by Demeter Fragrance Library.

This is so good. A favorite. It's spot on, and of good quality for a cheap price!
Jun 4, 2017

I was almost knocked out of my chair upon sampling this. I had just tried Demeter Naturals Lilac- a sweet mess not resembling Lilac in the least, and their Naturals Lavender, which is a crude and sharp lavender you would find in a linen spray.

Naturals Mimosa screams *high quality mimosa absolute*, with its sweet, sunny, radiant, waxy charm. The longevity is excellent, and the projection very good. Strength is comparable to a Parfum. Nearly a soliflore, Demeter Natural Mimosa is buoyed by spice, which I presumed to be cinnamon and/or pepper, but which is, surprisingly- Geranium. I don't find any of the fresh cat-pee notes of the stated Basil. The very full, round base complements the Mimosa Absolute by reinforcing the full, waxy character and giving it longevity. Simply delightful, and an excellent example of natural perfumery.

Compare to:

*Hiris by Hermes, another near-soliflore with high quality ingredients. I actually prefer the Demeter Mimosa, as it manages to be everything Hiris is, but without the synthetics, and much less grim. Mimosa is a sunny day with a warm breeze, and Hiris is a cold cloudy day in early December.

*Pur Desir de Mimosa by Yves Rocher, which employs a decent absolute, but in such a watered down state that I can hardly smell it at times.
Aug 23, 2011

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