Vintage Gardenia / Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom & Myrrh 
Jo Malone London (2004)

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Vintage Gardenia / Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom & Myrrh by Jo Malone London

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Vintage Gardenia / Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom & Myrrh is a women's perfume launched in 2004 by Jo Malone London

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Reviews of Vintage Gardenia / Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom & Myrrh by Jo Malone London

There are 12 reviews of Vintage Gardenia / Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom & Myrrh by Jo Malone London.

Yes, "please allow me to introduce myself: my name is gardénia" - gardenia greets me straight at the beginning and remains in the foreground the whole time. A pleasant, well-made gardénia indeed. In the drydown a nice, waxy tuberose is added, whose inherent sweetness takes on a lipstick character at times, intertwined with a pleasant cardamom background. In the base, whiffs of a slightly creamy sandal impression appear at times, with the floral core gradually petering out.

The sillage is moderate, the projection good, and I get an excellent ten hours of longevity in my skin.

One of Jo Malone's creation prior to selling her line to the Estee Lauder corporation, this is a gardenia of the original and individual ilk and definitely worth trying. 3.75/5.

MagnificentReceived my sample of this today. I have been hunting for a gardenia fragrance for so long which is close to the old Crabtree and Evelyn's gardenia. This not only very similar to my nose but surpasses it with the fantastic myrrh, incense, sandalwood and cardamom drydown which binds and intensifies the syrupy gardenia beautifully. I am hunting for a FB now. Please feel free to contact me if you have one to sell! Can't say it enough, lush, lush, lush fragrance (and more oomph than more recent Jo Malone's, although they are pretty damned exquisite, too!).

Heady, rich, sultry gardenia. Out of a huge gardenia sampler, this was my favorite. It makes me feel as if I have the flower tucked behind my ear and pulling out all the stops. I wasn't really aware of anything in it except gardenia. It reminded me of Tuvache Vintage Gardenia.

MAJOR ALERT: Found out today, Nov. 8, 2012, that this fragrance is being discontinued. What is on the shelves now is it and it cannot be re-ordered. I bought 2 large bottles from Bloomingdales.

Love this scent. Gardenia is my favorite flower and this smells like a real gardenia. My husband says it smells like I use to when he bought me gardenias from the cart guys in NYC years ago. (I haven't seen those guys selling violets, gardenias, and roses in years). It lasts on me also. This could well become my new signature scent.

On my skin the cardamom note is overwhelming in this fragrance. lt's strangely compelling, but only in the sense that it gives me a craving for curry. lt's over an hour before that begins to fade, & the floral notes peep through. l get tuberose & jasmine, but not really gardenia. After another hour there's a hint of sweetness, perhaps from the myrrh, but it all fades rather quickly after that. This is not a gardenia fragrance to me, definitely try before you buy.

This is my absolute favorite of the Jo Malone line. This has presence ,character and longevity . Rich sweet gardenia with spices which just give it a bit of noir,interest and depth ,nothing more.It's still a bright and sparkling ,rich gardenia fragrance with some tuberose thrown in to amp up the while floral nature. Beautiful .

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