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Vince Camuto (2012)

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Reviews of Vince Camuto Original Cologne for Men by Vince Camuto

There are 17 reviews of Vince Camuto Original Cologne for Men by Vince Camuto.

Fresh, woody and clean. Not a soapy smell, just clean. Smells a little generic like a good lotion, laundry detergent or deodorant but still smells quite good. Probably a perfect indoor dumb reach based on projection strength and the nature of the scent. Just very safe and pleasant.

Projection is average but still getting wafts of it after 8 hours, so good longevity.
Sep 24, 2018

This is gonna sound weird but Vince Camuto man could pass off to replace CH Men, especially in the newer formulation. It virtually smells and feels like it minus the sugary sweet and grass notes in CH Men. Vince Camuto comes off as a spicy near barbershop version of CH Men, even down to the bottle design. Well, except if you don't get the 0.5oz/15ml bottles sold in Walmart for $15USD.

Vince Camuto really pulls off a barbershop feel. It opens up with bergamot and some mandarin orange. The mid is very lavender and leather heavy (along with spice.) The base is woody with vetiver. Yeah, I'd say that is barbershoppy...

Vince Camuto comes off as a night scent in spring but works in the daytime for cooler spring days as well as fall and winter days and nights. Performance wise it is moderate sillage with about six hour performance.

I have to say Vince Camuto for Men is nearly a love. It's main knock is it is a little in the dime-a-dozen territory. For this I give Vince Camuto for Men a 7.9 out of 10.
Apr 10, 2017

Mediocre at, best, almost a thumbs down. To me this smells pretty similar to Phat Farm Atman, which was a classy leather type fragrance. Camuto though is more refined, as the leather is blended well here. It's more modern too. Also reminds me a little bit of Only the Brave from Diesel.

Overall it's just too simplistic for my taste, and barely done well. The only thing nice is that it's versatile, and masculine.
Oct 31, 2016

The mandarin-pepper-bergamot opening triad delivers a pleasantly summary and fresh opening blast. Very soon in the drydown a rather dull jasmin is added, but the rest of this scent degenerates into rather generic attempts at creating a leathery patchouli base that is quite bloodless
and dull. Additionally, on my skin the performance is poor: soft sillage, limited projection and three hours of longevity.

A brilliant opening could possibly make a difference, but the top notes are nice but not exceptional. Together with the disappointing base, the overall impression is more that of mediocrity than that of excellence. 2.5/5
Dec 1, 2015

This scent is rather blah to me. Not bad... but nothing that would distinguish it from the number of male scents on the market today. I had high hopes considering the notes of Mandarin, Vetiver, Leather and Patchouli which are notes that I like a lot. Maybe I will give it another go around... or maybe I will sell/swap it...
Aug 13, 2015

This I discovered at a recent trip to kohls. I honestly cant tell you why I bother with their fragrance counter. It is a dismal black hole where olfactory failures go to die. Still I spray new bottles in the hopes I may find a diamond in the many of rough. This brought me to discovering Vince Camuto for men.

The first thing that struck me was the bottle. I really really enjoy the look of it. I think it is classy and the overall quality of its presentation is top notch. But usually when I see this type of packaging I fear it is to cover a sub par product. This one actually surprised me. This is a fresh take on leather. At first spray you think, "damn, another bland aquatic" Then it slightly morphs and while it retains its clean sensibilities the musk and leather creeps up to make this scent much more interesting. It is by no means unique, earth shaking or challenging. In fact it is almost too safe.

But what I really appreciate is that this fragrance would do very well in a group setting. You will not offend anyone and I can surely see it getting its fair share of compliments. But in most cases this means the wearer is bored. The leather and musk in this redeems it just enough to where you wont be moping around too much wishing you had just sprayed A*men hell be damned.
Oct 1, 2014

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