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Vince Camuto (2014)

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Reviews of Vince Camuto Homme by Vince Camuto

Much better than I expected. Refreshing, fizzy citrus opening. With an herbal twist. Wife doesn’t like the “veggie vibe”, so it’ll be a straight gym frag for me, which is what I intended anyway.

The opening reminds me of one of my favorite cheapies: Lomani White Gold. Which is a multi- citrus blast with a little creamyness. VCH adds some gin and tonic accord - more tonic than gin - and then the Italian herbs.

The dry down is a surprisingly nice musk. Really nice IMO, reminding me of another fave of mine, Michael Kors Blue Extreme.

Projection must be decent - at the 90 minute mark anyway - because my wife smells me from 6 feet away. Although I did over spray it, hearing it’s a weaker juice. More than a skin scent after a good workout at any rate.

One last thing is I like the packaging and the bottle! In the store on the shelf it looks kinda tacky. Same in pictures. But the blue leather - with stitching - around the bottle is well done. It’s not classy per se, but it’s not tacky in the least. It doesn’t look like a dollar store fragrance trying and failing to look better than it is.

So at 50ml for $19.99, it’s a thumbs up from me. But, if you see that Lomani for $12.99? Buy it too!
Jul 4, 2021

I like it. It is a blue musky jus. Synthetic, yes, but fits right in with today's mainstream generic offerings. Works as an office, safe scent. It will smell good on you even if you don't like the way it smells.
Could easily be used as room/car/closet/hamper spray, has it has no 'living' qualities. Deliberately plastic if you may. I like it none the less.
Nov 18, 2017

The notes are very misleading here. This basically smells like lemon and nail polish remover. Not that toxic though, actually not very chemical smelling, but the feel of those 2 aromas is still there.

It has like a white musky undertone, and it just goes nowhere, doesn't last either, but that's a good thing here, since it smells awful.
Oct 31, 2016

Get L'eau D'Issey instead.
Apr 15, 2015

What an immense boredom guys, namely the hyper generic combination of green-aromatic/calonic/metallic patterns on one side and synthetically woody/ambery notes on the other side. Vince Camuto Pour Homme sounds as a sort of ideal combination of Gaultier Le Beau Male (but Camuto Pour Homme smells in a more synthetically woody way) and Prada Luna Rossa (also Davidoff Hot Water jumps vaguely on mind for its "anyway" far sultrier muskiness), namely nothing new under the sun. There is a swirling salty-ozonic note around, a typical touch of "irony-dry" transparent booziness (I'd have said vodka but gin is the listed one) and "withered" indiscernible floral patterns around while along the way the aroma goes progressively darker towards a sweet synthetic sporty-musky-cedary substance really with nothing to add out there in the world of perfumery. I don't catch the birch tar or something particularly aromatic or resinous. The final "insistent" warm cedary-musky saltiness is almost annoying. Any disaster, a banally acceptable fragrance but nothing I'd ever go to buy. Really great packaging. Pass by.
Apr 1, 2015

Not bad. Not very good either.This smells better coming off you from a few feet away or in passing than it does when you stick your nose up close to it. It's a fresh, kind of cold, citrus-juniper scent that's on the synthetic side (a little scratchy and abrasive on the nose, and at times it has that calone-like, chemical smell to it). There's a generic "freshness" to it as well, but I'd say the juniper note is well done enough to put this just on the better side of average. This is a casual, warm weather fragrance. I notice a lot of people are picking up on gin in this, but I didn't get much of that--maybe an attempt at gin, but nothing like the real thing. If you really want a good, summer gin fragrance that also uses citrus notes, L'Humaniste is the place to look. These don't smell alike except for maybe a very vague generality. Projection is good, longevity about average. I'd give this 3 out of 5 stars and that's it. I'm more or less neutral on it, leaning toward a slight thumbs up.
Nov 16, 2014

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