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Viking, a fiery men’s fragrance that bottles the fearless spirit of boundless exploration for the modern man who goes against the grain. Inspired by the incredibly crafted longships, a centerpiece of the Viking Age and one of the greatest design feats of the ninth century. A symbol of voyage and undeniable perseverance, longships were carefully designed for the skilled seaman who embodied unbridled determination to conquer. Viking marks the brand’s first major men’s scent since the introduction of the cult best-selling Aventus in 2010.

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Reviews of Viking by Creed

There are 59 reviews of Viking by Creed.

Viking opens with soft bergamot laced with a hint of pink pepper before quickly transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the perfume turns fiery hot spicy, as slightly sweet cinnamon and chili pepper combine into a "red hots candy" accord that becomes the focus, with thin dulled rose, vague mint, and dry sandalwood rising from the base in support. During the late dry-down the "red hots candy" accord recedes as the sandalwood remains, now in a more focal role as sharp woody vetiver joins it as co-star through the finish. Projection is good to very good, and longevity excellent at over 12 hours on skin.

Ah the wonderful house of Creed. While for most part I can ignore the house and not miss much, every once and a while when on vacation in Las Vegas I force myself to visit the Creed store to see if there is anything within the past few years I may have missed out on. This time I received the full court press sales pitch, including asking what my favorite three movies were (who cares?!?), expounding on the 4000+ year house history (oh brother), Cleopatra's Creed preferences (you knew her personally, eh?), only the finest ingredients used (sure, OK), and how Creed perfects formulation consistency by only going to the same select group of ingredient suppliers (this one almost made me cynically chuckle due to all the batch inconsistency arguments online - not that I believe any of it). Whatever, the sales experience was just as lengthy and ridiculous as the length of the Pinocchio's nose the sales person displayed after rambling through it. Sigh... Onward to the perfumes sampled. Most of what I sniffed last week had me wanting to escape the store as soon as possible, but a few of the more recent releases impressed enough for me to endure, and Viking was one, having me leave the store with a spray sample vial to try later on skin.

Viking actually grows on you over time. The perfume is a nice combination of fresh, and fiery hot spicy/woody. It isn't listed in the perfume notes, but cinnamon definitely plays a strong role in the perfume's heart, as does red chili pepper. The dull thin rose and vague natural mint used are more in subtle support to the primary spicy woody profile, giving the perfume that fresh, wearable dimension one expects from Creed. By the late dry-down the vetiver and sandalwood really take over and the result is quite pleasant. The perfume on the whole is actually appealing, but I can't help thinking that the key components driving most of its development have been done before... Oh yeah, the dulled rose infused red hots spicy/woody aspect can be found in Costes by Olivia Giacobetti released in 2004, for example. I own that one already but haven't worn it in years... I guess Viking's profile isn't as new or innovative as I hoped. The bottom line is the $495 per 100ml bottle Viking is a pleasant smelling perfume that channels key aspects of superior, far less expensive previous releases like Costes, and Padparadscha by Satellite, earning it a "good" to "very good" 3 to 3.5 stars out of 5 rating but an avoid recommendation as its superior predecessors can be had for far less (sans the sales pitch).

Jun 7, 2021

Like a mature man with a hairy chest.feels closer to a barbershop fougere than an 80s powerhouse fougere,but it's not particularly barbershopy.this isn't going to be for everyone, this is specifically for gentlemen.Viking is versatile;you can rock this with a nice suit on formal occasions,or spritz some on with your polo shirt and boat shoes on a sunny day.very refined,mature,chic,aromatic but nothing new and too expensive.

The aromatic fougere opening has that traditional lavender,mint, citrus fresh burst,very quickly blended into spicier elements of the mid notes. subtle pink pepper and rose making this oriental. the dry down is beautiful as all the previous notes linger on mixed with patchouli and woods,giving is that classic masculine reminds me of several famous fragrance from the 80s that very affordable,especially for the quality and i prefer them.
May 19, 2021

TLDR: Excellent (4.5/5). A well blended, high quality exploration of the interplay between warm and cool scents. Deserves more praise than it receives.

I find myself in nearly complete agreement with Buysblind's comments below. Viking is very good. The more time I spend with it, the more I like it and the more subtle bright spots I find in the composition.

The mint in this fragrance is exceptional. It smells green and natural, like it is fresh from a garden. I am on an extreme vintage fragrance kick at the moment, so that may explain why the base of Viking seems so great to me. Or perhaps it just really is great. The patchouli and vetiver interplay in the final phase of the scent, accented with the camphor note from the lavandin, is complex and is a neat echo of the mint and cinnamon in the early phases. Strong thumbs up for me.
Apr 28, 2021

I actually like Viking just fine. It's a nice scent, definitely a 'grower'. The mint note in this is beautiful and well framed. I wasn't fragrance aware back in the time frame that Creed was finally releasing a follow up to Aventus but having worn Aventus I get that the hype and status of that fragrance was almost an impossible act to follow. Creed had made their 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' with Aventus and they were just not likely to come up with a 'White Album' as the successor. They basically released 'Magical Mystery Tour'. So it was 'fine' or even 'pretty good overall', but not able to live up to it's predecessor. It is a delightfully elevated barbershop homage that definitely works. It's just that for most, it's just not a justifiable 'need' at Creed prices. How amazing would that mint note be in toothpaste or sports cream? It would be delightful, and you would have to spend $100 for a small tube and everyone would balk except for those with too much disposable income, a category I don't fit in. It's an easy thumbs up for me, but Viking finishes behind too many other better Creed scents like Silver Mountain Water, Virgin Island Water, Royal Water, Royal Oud, Green Irish Tweed and Himalaya for starters and likely Bois Du Portugal and Millesime Imperial as well(I'm still getting to know those two). If you are into exploring the world of fragrance and Creed in particular this is a very recommended sample/decant. I feel like sticking up for this fragrance considering it arrived in such a uniquely challenging market and was doomed to never live up to it's former sibling, Aventus.
Apr 27, 2021

Over the years I've owned several different fragrances that feature mint. What I've come to realize is that I like the note of green mint as well as peppermint, but often the supporting fragrance ruins the potential. In Viking, Creed has framed the mint in a green barbershop tone with bergamot and light pepper in support. It's quite refined and perhaps a nostalgic feeling composition. Dries down in a very Creed fashion, masculine with vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood that are well balanced. A rose lays in the background ever so light. I like this as a versatile scent that can be worn easily. Moderate sillage and 6 hrs longevity. My wife loved it, so I will be purchasing a bottle after my decant is used up. Big thumbs up.
Jan 10, 2021

So Viking is one of those scents where it is worth the extra $ to own the bottle. The most striking aspect to me is the difference between initial application and the drydown, and the drydown is where it is at! This is a Creed in every sense of the word. Quality, sillage, longevity, just an overall beautiful fragrance. Yes, you can call it a barbershop scent, but one that is on a whole other level, a refined gentleman with sandalwood and vetiver done correctly, so that it doesn't become tiring or too over- pronounced.I did notice a big difference in longevity from the decant atomizer versus the bottle - the bottle was better in longevity and sillage, but the core of the fragrance is the same. The initial blast of bergamot is the best I've smelled in an opening.
Mar 8, 2020

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