A more intense version of their Vetyverio EDT.

"In the eau de parfum, vetiver from Haiti takes centre stage. Used in an overdose, it reveals itself in a pure state, without artifice, drawing its elegant, smoky nature from this volcanic rock with a fiery temperament."

Vetyverio Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

  • Head

    • italian mandarin, floridian grapefruit, indonesian nutmeg
  • Heart

    • egyptian geranium, madagascan ylang ylang, turkish rose, french carrot seed
  • Base

    • haitian vetiver, javan vetiver, virginia cedar, white musk

Latest Reviews of Vetyverio Eau de Parfum

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Stunning intro, and a beautiful base, sandwich the carrot seed heart that seems very out of place.

The brightness of the sparkling intro & base are overtaken by a bland heart that mutes the effervescent aura. This also dominates the mood of the base, which would otherwise boast a wonderful vetiver accord.

If you've tried Givenchy Vetyver, then you know of the brightness and effervescentness that vetiver can display, then the Diptyque offering really seems to fall flat in the heart.

This is all subjective, and I'm projecting my vetiver preferences onto this fragrance, which is not fair to Vetyverio, so my own opinion and preference weighs very heavily on my rating.

Vetyverio has great performance, and the heart may be thoroughly enjoyed, but I would recommend trying before buying.

16th November 2022
The opening with mandarin and grapefruit is quite lovely, and more on the gently crisp side and not really sweet. A restrained but typical nutmeg impression adds additional depth to the citrus prelude.

In the drydown the vetiver arises and claims the leading role over time. It is a green and slightly herbal vetiver that lacks any strong earthy component on me. Floral sidelines appear, with a rose and a geranium notes combining with some restrained ylang-ylang; all these struggle to make themselves heard under the vetiver wave. There are faint herbal undertones of carrot seeds and whiffs of basil later on in the development.

The base adds some white musks, with a touch of cedar also present, but the vetiver still lingers on quite persistently as a co-dominant partner to the wood.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection,and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

The continuous strong presence of the vetiver does justice to the name of this spring scent,. Whilst initially the Eau de Toilette is a bit bore nuanced in its facets, this EdP grows to be more vivid on the vetiver and performs much better on me . 3.5/5
23rd July 2021

I guess I'm in the minority with liking the EDT over the EDP with this one. Actually, they are very different fragrances. Yes, the EDT has a boring generic dry down, but that opening is marvelous! For the prices you can get the EDT for, I've seen it for $50 a bottle, I think it's a great deal. The EDP is rarely on sale, and harder to find, and I don't like the mid, because it's too floral, and the dry down is just ok imo. It reverts back to more of a vetiver dominant fragrance, without the florals.
27th October 2019
I'm one of those people who dislikes vetiver a lot; I find it too masculine. But Dyptique always does well in making me appreciate fragrances in which notes I dislike are central. Very special fragrance, I've never smelled anything similar before. It's fresh and spicy. There's also something sweet in it. Well. Not sweet like sugar. Sweet like a young woman.
14th September 2018
This has a very good opening of dry, grassy vetiver. That phase is regrettably brief. Then, a nutty space and carrot seed chord appears. Almost toasty at this point. Then, back to the vetiver, which persists this time. Low-key, unisex, distinguished.
5th November 2017
I love vetiver, and have tried many variants of the note across many houses. Vetiveryo EDP may have the best opening and first impression of any vetiver fragrance I've experienced. The opening is sweet mandarin and tart grapefruit blended with the salty, grassy vetiver note. It's very clean and natural smelling and probably bottle worthy just based on the first 30 minutes alone. As the citrus fades the vetiver seems to bring forth the heart accord of rose and geranium, sweetened by a touch of sugary ylang ylang. I detected hints of cedar and musk underneath the vetiver which makes it seem slightly drier in the later stages, but it remains vetiver centric. As with nearly all Diptyque scents, Vetiveryo is a unisex fragrance and seems to split that line perfectly to me. It's modern, clean, fresh and easy wearing. My wife would wear this one without reserve. Moderate sillage and longevity, even though it's an EDP, but I find vetiver scents' performance varies widely depending on temperature and humidity. I like it a lot and it's definitely worth checking out if you like vetiver. Thumbs up.
1st November 2017
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