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Givenchy (1959)

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Discontinued for many years but reintroduced in 2007 to celebrate 50 years of Givenchy

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There are 46 reviews of Vetyver / Vétiver by Givenchy.

2007's redressing of Eau de Vetyver de Givenchy (1959) is a wondrous ode that mercifully captures the lush essence of the brilliant original at every notch of its vetiver accord and very much an appraisal of past glory fluidly flowing through revived veins, or least now through a frosted bottled... Its delectable charm unfolds with the crispy spirit of bergamot whetting a vetiver thirst with its naturally cool tarty swill before entering a heart seasoned with coriander, pepping an earthy spicy vapour into a slightly sharp, herbaceous green flavour, before an illustrious base pairing delivers a nutty, leathery facet to the balance with a creamy heft from a delightfully buttery sandalwood, possibly butt-ended by a bare cedar edge, that leaves this composition perfectly rounded and free. This minimalist accord with its triple decks of vetiver supported with three perfect hints is absolutely feverish in its suavity and simply soigné. Here we have a full bottomed celebration of vetiver in a classical template of floating elegance, one that is cheeky clean with its Haitian/Bourbon variant loosely held in a velvety barbershop guise; subjectively speaking, one of the best of its kind. Certainly, the longevity and projection is on par to modern standards yet far more satisfying than any other selection from Givenchy's Les Parfum Mythiques series. That said, this frosted version is all that remains of this beauty and faithfully restores its lore for another generation. More than a penchant; Vetyver de Givenchy/Vetyver is for those who enjoy timeless tradition with their seamless blends; regardless of whether one leans a sentimentalist, modernist or a futurist; collectively this is for the enthusiast… In fact, a big hail to Eau de Vetyver de Givenchy (1959), Guerlain Vetiver (1959) and Carven Vétiver (1957) since all three have a common yet distinct thread sewn between; all three were at the forefront of a male regiment change, all three fashioned vetiver as a newer cosmopolitan drift and all three remarkably tailor made for a fine gentleman's wardrobe... Ain't tradition grand!
Sep 14, 2021

The current formulation in Gray/Silver/White Box is a poor representation of the original Vetyver up until 2007. If you can find a bottle from 2007 or earlier I highly suggest this one, otherwise plan on re-applying every couple of hours. Those of us who experienced Givenchy circa 1970's will know how great they once were.
Jun 23, 2017

I used to wear as my favorite cologne since 1978 until i couldn´t find it any more the last bottlle i can get was in Mexicali Baja Mexico in 1996 i love to wear that aroma .....and when i read here the cologne were back i search the internet and find it on Fragance X ...i ask for it and finaly today i open the bottel and what a dissapointed ...the smell is to far from the oeriginal so i don´t know now ..if this is not original or the Givenchy House change the original scent
Feb 9, 2015

This is powerful from the start. It's a little like Guerlain's sweet vetiver but with more woods and herbs. It's very pungent. The tarragon pungent smell mixes with the bergamot to give off an "herby" floor cleaner smell (not as bad as described) and the leather gives off a stately quality and helps to contrast the greenness of the herbs. In terms of strength, this is stonger than Guerlain but a bit less then Encre Noire. If you like an "herby" pungent scent that lasts long then I think it's for you. For me it's just above average.
Nov 22, 2014

Genre: Woods

July 2009:
The reissued Vetyver from Givenchy features a very spare, nutty vetiver accord that sweetens gently through something vaguely suggestive of licorice to a very suave woody-mossy base. This is not the sort of raw, aggressively earthy vetiver you get from Route du Vétiver, Vétiver Extraordinaire, or Etro's Vetiver, but rather a comfortable men's club vetiver your well-dressed uncle might have worn while lounging in a leather chair. Among the best of its classical, sophisticated, "Old World" breed, even if it's not terribly exiting.

September 2009:
A couple of months, many wearings, and one full bottle purchase later, and I realize I've given short shrift to this outstanding, if highly understated, fragrance. With growing familiarity I have become more and more impressed and enamored of Vetyver's fine qualities. My affection for this scent has come to focus on the “nutty,” almost buttery, quality that distinguishes its vetiver and which comes to dominate its drydown. No, it does not break any olfactory boundaries, explore new territory, or offer any structural novelty. But Givenchy's Vetyver deserves better than to be defined by what it isn't. It is the smoothest, the most suave, and the most comforting vetiver scent I have encountered. (And that includes Chanel's resurrected Sycomore.) It is also the warmest, richest, and most rounded treatment of the vetiver note that I can recall right now. In fact, it is everything that Guerlain's much-vaunted Vetiver should be (perhaps was?) and isn't. A personal benchmark.
Jun 15, 2014

I have loved four Vetivers in my life - Guerlain, Etro, Caswell-Massey, and now Givenchy.

The Givenchy is closest to the Guerlain - green, leafy, dry, pungent - but with the added delight of a burnt caramel sugary undercurrent that manages to "not" be sticky sweet as it tends to be in the Caswell-Massey.

Givenchy takes the essence of these two fine vetivers and blends them in an artistic and natural manner, giving me the best of both worlds. [For the record, the Etro is pure root, harsh and pungent, though unfortunately poor on silage and longevity.

I have tried over 30 vetivers over the years and must agree that Givenchy is the best, with Guerlain running a very close race as second.

Bravo! [For once Turin under-starred. He gives this 4 - it should have 5.]

First Edit: On closer relationship over the past few years, I find that there ares subtle and superbly nuanced note of celery seed and immortelle in this combination - fleeting, but there. Wafting in and out. It continues to be my reference vetiver.
Feb 20, 2014

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