Vétyver fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon
  • Heart

    • jasmine, cedarwood, lavender
  • Base

    • patchouli, sandalwood, musk, vetiver

Latest Reviews of Vétyver

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An absolutely wonderful, rich and strong pure vetiver blast greets me - emphasizing the dirty and raw side of it but nonetheless distinct vetiver. It is less bright and dirtier than, for instance, Creed's Vetiver 1948. Although with a bit of wood added, it is more monochromes than its ubiquitous Guerlain cousin, but not at all less convincing. After the first hour it remains close to my skin, but its total longevity of two hours is not bad for an EdC.
27th August 2012
I really like this one. I like the vetiver accord that Molinard Vétyver presents because it is a bit raw but does not go to the extreme of rawness as, say, Route de Vetiver (which I love); it also doesn't hide the vetiver as happens in Creed's Original Vetiver (which I love); and it doesn't combine the vetiver with citrus and sweet and tobacco as happens in Guerlain's Vetiver (which I have come to dislike). I am a vetiver lover – for hot weather I would rather wear vetiver than citrus, and this excellent fragrance provides me with vetiver clear and unapologetic but tamed enough to make it everyday wearable. It has just the barest of citrus sharpness and cleanliness note in the opening. Even with its sweet (wicozani's maple syrup) note, it's a wonderful hot weather fragrance. It has very good longevity for an EDC, and it is very inexpensive. Is this the best vetiver fragrance there is? No way. “Vetiver” holds a broad enough spectrum that it can present very many faces… errr… aromas, so I am of a mind that there are several “best” vetivers. Molinard Vétyver I would nominate as the best low-cost vetiver that I've so far found (and I would be surprised if that meant anything). It's an excellent everyday scent and an excellent skin scent. It takes the place in my collection of the 90s version of Vétiver Carven, which has all of a sudden become rather rare and more costly. I really like Molinard's version.
14th October 2007

Molinard Vetiver EDC is quite nice. It has the focus on the vetiver, which is slightly earthy and smoky, with touches of tobacco and patchouli. It is fairly subtle, and not sharp and raw like either Route du Vetiver, or “shaggy” like Lorenzo Villoresi. There is also a slight hint of a maple syrup-like smell (amber?). The Demeter Vetiver also has this maple syrup-like accord, but is downright sickly when compared directly with the Molinard. Like the Etro, this compares most favorably with the L'Artisan version, only being slightly smokier and with the aforementioned maple syrup smell.Wicozani
4th November 2005
I do agree with Kyle, in general I am not mad about Vetiver but this one is just charming.It has an initial freshness of course but when it dries it is quiet warm.It stays longer too certainly due to the Amber, patchouli, santal and musc.I find this Vetiver discreet but not shy and very refined.All weather all year definitly a signature on the skin.For an Eau de Cologne it is not old fashionned at all.laurent
22nd September 2005