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There are 4 reviews of Vetivert by Hové Parfumeur.

I stumbled upon Hove's parfumerie in the French Quarter, and I'm so glad I did! What a strong, dry, intense vetiver....I wore it around the Quarter for the rest of the day, and it became a scent I associated with the city...vegetal, earthy, exotic, and prehistoric. With smell inducing such powerful sense-memory images in me, I'm sure I'll always think of New Orleans and all of its mysterious primal qualities whenever I wear this perfume. Not for the faint of heart, though, this vetiver---it verges on too powerful, but could be be prime material to combine with another, fresh-citrusy scent if one wants to soften it a bit. In any event, potent beauty in a very affordable bottle.
Mar 5, 2013

A very dry, earthy, and almost harsh vetiver fragrance, with none of the smoothless or roundness one associates with other vetiver-dominant scents like Guerlain Vetiver or even more "edgy" takes on the note like Encre Noire. This about as close as you can come to smelling a freshly-dug vetiver root without actually digging one up and rubbing it all over you yourself. Not recommended for those who aren't fans of "dirty", earthy fragrances - but if, like me, you can't get enough of vetiver in its natural, unadorned state, look no further.

The fact that it's inexpensive and has better than average longevity and sillage is also a plus. And if you can manage to make it to Hove's charming shop on Royal Street in New Orleans' French Quarter to pick up a bottle, you'll probably enjoy this even more.
Feb 18, 2011

Although Hove has a number of mixed scents, they also have a fair number of simple one note scents. Their Vetiver is one of these - dry, acrid, very green, almost harsh. This is as pure vetiver as you can get, and so a small amount will suffice. This is one to layer with other notes. Luckily, you can buy samples from them so you can decide for yourself. Personally, when I have used Hove, I have also purchased their Verveine and combined the two - the lemony herbal scent tones down the harsh Vetiver - in fact, I don't know why no one has come up with a Vetiver/Verveine scent. They complement each other beautifully.

Dec 11, 2007

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