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Reviews of Vétiver / Vetiver by Provence Santé

This is refined vetiver. Not sweet and more on the smokey/earthy side of vetiver, but this is clean, pleasant, professional, and very versatile for daytime wearings.

Never loud, unless over-sprayed. However, it's not shy either and you can smell it throughout the day.
Sep 17, 2021

A wonderful vetiver!

While shopping on vacation my spouse and I tried sprays of the Provence Sante Vetiver and Jasmine and each bought one. My Jasmine is not a soliflore but a white floral melange, not bad, but not significant.

The Vetiver on the other hand is a real find. This is an herbal/floral/citrus blend with vetiver securely at the heart. The cloud of sillage that envelops the wearer is captivatingly masculine and sophisticated. Getting up close reveals that vetiver center, but as soon as one pulls away, it is blended back into that overall potpourri.

Nowhere on line, not even on Provence Sante's own website, can I find the notes listed. I am going to guess at bergamot, vetiver, cedar, basil, jasmine, oak moss.

It is soft, powdery, but not sweet, assuredly and gently masculine, and utterly winning. Tres inexpensive as well. Recommended for all vetiver lovers.
Oct 27, 2018

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