Vetiver Rosewood 
Thymes (2019)

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Vetiver Rosewood by Thymes

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Vibrant lemon and grey sage create sparkle while heady ylang-ylang and rosewood create a glowing wash of warmth. Vetiver root wraps the blend with its refined woody and green aroma to create a masterful composition

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Reviews of Vetiver Rosewood by Thymes

There are 2 reviews of Vetiver Rosewood by Thymes.

lol redneck perfumisto:

(...) Lemon Oil leaned over
And whispered to her

"Can I call you 'dude'
Or is that Vetiver's job?" (...)

brilliant :-)

oh, and i like the fragrance.

Her superpower
Of suggestion of rose gold
By the mere scent of

Her Rosewood cologne
Warmed mannish by Vetiver
Cooled femmely by Musks

Betrayed neither by
Bottle accents in rose gold
Nor by clear round glass

Easily countered
That naughty nomenclature
Of Vetiver First

In Rosier Thymes
As proven to husbands by
Wifely bottle lust.

She dreamt of speaking
With perfumers in French on
The Isle of Ylang

Blushing just a bit
When Lemon Oil leaned over
And whispered to her

"Can I call you 'dude'
Or is that Vetiver's job?"
Smiling and laughing

She didn't notice
Peppery Facets nudging
Pine-Sol in the ribs

"She's interesting."
Pine-Sol smiled and shook his head.
"Trust me. Not your type."

But give her credit
Both social and otherwise
For purchase delayed

Is purchase denied
Operators thus revealed
And small purchase found

For many give space
But when all is said and done
Thymes the funny thing.

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