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Vétiver (original) by Carven

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Vétiver (original) is a men's fragrance launched in 1957 by Carven

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Reviews of Vétiver (original) by Carven

There are 35 reviews of Vétiver (original) by Carven.

The bottle under review is the one pictured, vintage bake-o-lite dark green plastic with the 'C' cap.

Simply the classiest 'dirty' vetiver I've sampled.

The every so slightly, 'rooty' or 'earthy' aspect of Carven Vetiver is absolutely dressed to the nines. The 'B.O.' feel is not there at all, yet the dry, rooty presentation is there.

This feels like the vintage Armani Eau Pour Homme of classic vetivers; tuxedo ready, bright, dry, and classy.

Thumbs up for the accord, but longevity is really terrible; just as with vintage Armani Eau Pour Homme....

This is older classic formulation (I got myself the handsome wooden cap version) is hardcore vetiver, no embellishment, no sweetening, no gussying up, it is dry, smoky, musty, earthy, and just wow...

The vetiver combined with the petitgrain and aromatics remind me of the smell of an arid summer day, with the sun beating down on field of long grasses, dry wind carrying the fragrance through the air. For some reason, Plum Island or the Cape Cod National Seashore come to mind.

It wears light, isn't overbearing at all, and lasts several hours. Carven Vetiver is a great yang to Guerlain Vetiver's yin.

A very nice vetiver, closest to Lanvin's in my collection, but without the massive civet that makes the Lanvin such a gem. Here it is a dryer and more properly chypresque (as in citrus chypre). I really like it, however the longevity is sadly absolutely dismal... Still worth it if found at a real bargain, since the Lanvin is so rare. Maybe the Givenchy which I smelled long ago is a better choice, but true vintages are hard to come by too. I should still get it to complete the old classic vetivers.

Carven – Vetiver

I have no way of knowing which of the versions of this scent I am reviewing. The sample card is dark green with a silver pencil tip chevron in the middle and three notes (vetiver, citron de Grasse, lavender) listed inside. It is an edt concentration.

The scent opens with prominent vetiver leaf (as opposed to vetiver root), dry and true, surrounded by a medley of other dry notes, somewhat resembling a cardboard box into which oils have been spilled and evaporated. There is the indication of some citrus in the beginning (this could be lemon, petitgrain and mandarin of the original note tree).

I don't get any other wood or moss notes, just the dry vetiver as the scent unfolds. My spouse can detect a green lavender, as well. For him, it is a sweet lavender leaf scent, supported by vetiver leaf, not the other way around. There is in the dry down the slightest touch of myrrh.

This is a perfectly pleasant vetiver, reminiscent of the Guerlain and Givenchy takes, but in no way as rich or opulent. Its only drawback is its weakness. Ten minutes into the wearing, it has faded so much that one has to bring hand to nose to detect it.

In summary, a light green leaf vetiver and lavender edt. Not great, just average. Decent, but not outstanding.

If your're looking for a straight up vetiver better forget this one. It's likely to be too overdressed and too underpowered for what you want.


I don't dislike it, but the poor longevity compels me to give it a neutral rating.

The bottle I have does not resemble the above picture; it's the tall, clear, roundish bottle that comes in a green box. The scent itself starts out with great promise: Classic verbena and spice greenness, with a men's fougere vibe. But after an hour or so, GONE. :(

My bottle is quite old, so it may have become less potent after over a decade sitting around.

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