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Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle (2002)

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Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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Reviews of Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

There are 98 reviews of Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle.

I found Vetiver Extraordinaire to be nicely balanced, but ultimately too uneventful. The opening is undoubtedly the highlight for me, with the early presence of vetiver a masterstroke. It fuses with the citric top notes to create a delightfully fresh and delicate accord. Although the light and playful characteristics are endearing in the beginning, the coyness and timidity soon become a little tedious. I waited patiently for VE to show me intrigue, depth, or indeed a little personality, but it never really delivers. This is really no more than a series of pretty cloud formations represented as works of art. By all means show the lighter and vivacious side of vetiver, but give it better accompaniment than is on offer here.

A polar opposite to the extraordinary Fat Electrician by Eldo. This is a fresh, airy almost lemony take on vetiver and is very nice indeed. Won't rock your world though.

The worst Vetiver scent I have ever smelled in my entire life!! One word describes this scent: NASTY! It smells like a cross between a dusty old suitcase + cement+ moldy wood after the rain= Vetiver Extrarordinare. Such a disappointment! It smelled so hideous, even the sales lady at Barney's said "eww...yuck..I dont like that one at all" after I sprayed it. Carnal flower and Geranium Pour Monsieur were incredibly good..yet this was such a disappointment! Lorenzo Villarosi Vetiver is one hundred times better. Sorry Fred..I'll pass on this one..

I'm not a fan of musty earthy vetiver. That's why Guerlain Vetiver gets no love from me. But vetiver of the green and grassy variety? That's a different story altogether - I love the stuff! And I'm glad Ropion's take leans closer to this type. VETIVER EXTRAORDINAIRE does seem a little underwhelming at first, nothing extraordinary as the name suggests. But I've come to realise this was never meant to be another Carnal Flower. Rather it feels like a modern update of the gentlemanly scent, eschewing the traditional 70s-style citrus in favor of the earthly, though not quite earthy, vetiver. A nod to greater environmental awareness in the 21st century perhaps? Presumptious at best. But juxtaposed against the occasional and fleeting 'lighter fluid' accord, the irony of it all is nothing short of brilliant.

Vetiver Extraordinaire. Perfect. 10. Well, almost perfect --- it costs damn near an arm! But its worth it. With my flannel shirt buttoned up to one torso on my right arm, I'd be smelling fantastic as God's fart.Anyways, heres the technical stuff. Its modern interpretation of the rooty vetiver-y greeness is decievingly contrasted, and augmented by the floralozones. It smells of the earth, but clean, like a moist sap from a patch of neon green moss in the early morning. I've had a lot of scents I've worn in my 4 years wearing scents, and this one, suprisingly is one of the two that hasn't really bored me (the other being Montale's Black Aoud). Perhaps it is because I have a 5ml decant that I have been using for the special occasions, for the past three years, that makes Vetiver Extraordinaire so special. Perhaps it is Malle's (if that is his name) genius that keeps me interested. Or perhaps it is the pure desire for me to build my wardrobe up that keeps me coming back to it.Like I said, its a perfect 10; lasts about 5 hours -- enough to get through my classes, and lingers for about three more on my clothes. I get compliments almost (and I use this word very loosely) everytime (this word too) I wear this.That being said, I have yet to buy the bottle. Its freaking $200+ dollars. I can't justify it to myself (or anyone that is not a basenotes member) spending THAT much for a bottle. Perhaps one day it will show up on the sales forum again.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my sample of VE. Less soapy than Creed's, no citrus sharpness like Guerlain's. And while I do enjoy both others, this one takes their place as my favourite Vetiver. It stays green throughout, with nutty and smoky elements emerging once it dries. It's lasted 8 enjoyable hours on my skin, and counting.

Its brilliant and I am not surprised of all the positive reviews. I am more surprised to see any negative or even neutral ratings on this because it is that likeable and easily accessible. To my mind there are four major ingredients to this scent: Vetiver, myrrh, sandalwood and musk.VE is rich and smooth with perfect balance. Oily, smoky, medicinal and resinous-spicy. Very natural smelling with soft and warm edge. Easy-to-wear masculine juice that is extremely pleasant and luxurious. This is what niche fragrances are all about. Expensive but well worth it. Should probably last a bit longer, to be honest. It is fading fairly fast although the lasting power is not exactly a total disaster.

By far and away the best Vetiver there is. There is a lot of the stuff in this potion. Mind you that is not too difficult as Vetiver oil is a relatively cheap ingredient, its acrid nature has been softened just enough by the citrus and sandalwood. Very green - nice.

instantaneous blast of vetiver, trailing bergamot right behind it, its a romp in the woods amongst the blackberries, (ouch), its the colours of autum and the dying back of the undergrowth on a river walk. If a man walked by me wearing this, I would be picked up, cartoon style, by the nose and floated along in his wake, two inches from the ground......Is it a little bit "older man"? Yes, of course, but, as with most things, true style is evident by its longevity.

Though I no longer have it in my wardrobe, I still consider VE to be one of the finest niche fragrances ever created. I will probably see to it that I obtain another bottle some day. It took me a while to really appreciate VE after having been familiar with a much less "potent", citrus-based vetiver fragrance. There is a bit of a rubbery note that quickly disappears.. leaving earthy, raw vetiver and woods. I wasn't aware of MPG Route de Vetiver before VE - only Guerlain Vetiver, Creed's OV and Vetiver '48, Givenchy Vetyver, etc.I was lucky enough to purchase my big bottle of VE during the season it fits with best - autumn. The rain, mist, fog and walks through the forest seemed so appropriate whilst wearing VE. VE is strikingly melancholy yet uplifting at the same time. Not fresh in the way Aqua di Gio is fresh, not at all.. I shouldn't even bring AdG up. True, pure, green, earthy freshness that you're probably familiar with if you've spent lots of time outdoors walking through forests and taking in the smells of nature.The longevity is great, sillage was OK on my skin. Absolutely I would recommend it, and I feel it's worth every penny and then some. Probably in my Top 5 fragrances of all time. Probably my favorite vetiver of all time, easily blowing most of the others away.

May '09:Vetiver Ordinaire, perhaps?I really wish I could feel some enthusiasm for this, but I just can't. It smells so very plain. It's a well balanced vetiver note pretending to be a complete fragrance, and the soon-vanishing pepper top note does nothing to relieve the monotony. After the first thirty seconds, this is all about vetiver, to the point where I can't help wondering if this is mostly just vetiver essential oil diluted in alcohol.Now, don't get me wrong. Unlike some essential oils, like petigrain or nutmeg, vetiver essential oil makes pleasant wearing as a fragrance. However, I really expect more from a fragrance sold at Frederic Malle prices.To be fair, it does last a while - about fourteen hours through its epic non-development - and its sillage is adequate.If this is a masterpiece, it owes nothing to Malle and Ropion and everything to Chrysopogon Zizanioides.September '09:After a summer of wearing this semi-regularly, my opinion has gone a complete 180 since I first tried it and wrote the above.While Vetiver Extraordinaire is minimalist, the grassy vetiver note is framed in a delightful and refreshing way. Pepper in the top notes and that persistent, peculiar "airy" note that gives the vetiver a nice lift and makes it quite refreshing. While I generally prefer smoky, earthy vetivers this vetiver is still potent and long lasting despite being fresh and grassy. It's great in warm weather, and if I lived in a hot climate I'd own it for sure.

I think this is a really wonderful vetiver - dry, smoky and enveloping with a wonderful slight nuttiness (that for me, often translates into the smell of fresh pine nuts). I do not find it bitter at all, but my chemistry seems to magnify even the tiniest sweet and nullify bitterness in any scent. My husband did not like this - "soapy" was his only comment. Gasp! Not at all. I find the smokiness perfect - not barbeque esque, no lighter fluid notes, just the dry crisp smell of a far off campfire in a wide open space. My only wish is that it had a bit more development - this for me starts off the same way it ends, a very linear, glorious vetiver.

Lighter fluid at the start? Ok, yes.Acrid throughout? Ok yes.Well made? OK, yes.Better than Guerlian? No way. This one's too pretty for me.

Supposedly to contain the highest concentration of Vetiver on the market, VE has the sharpest and bitterest opening on the planet dominated by an ozonic, raw vetiver, pepper and a hint of bergamot followed by a dry woody drydown devoid of any sweetness. Unfortunately longevity and sillage on human skin are very poor and frequent reapplications costly. To get the most of it, spray it on your clothes as well, where it wonderfully stays for several days.

not nearly as good as Lalique's Encre Noire----which is the same scent, only far more focused, intense, and beautiful. fail again, Malle!

This one is very peppery to me, and after a few hours I'm unsure whether I like the dry down or not. It is strong and the silage is good, for a vetiver this may be my least favorite.

Recently, I've been looking at various vetiver fragrances. Up to now, the two leaders have been CdG Vettiveru and Guerlain Vetiver. I am trying to find something of a Holy Grail, something that captures the woody, nutty quality of vetiver essential oil, but in a complete composition that has good longevity.The Malle VE starts grassy, dry and earthy, with a bit of an herbal edge which is almost like a mint or menthol. In some ways, the start is similar to MPG Route du Vetiver, but is lighter, and with an almost airy quality. As the top notes burn off, I am starting to smell the resinous nutty quality that I associate with vetiver. The airy note (almost ozonic on my skin) is getting in the way at this point. I also smell a little bit of an ammonia smell--I often get this with fragrances that have lavender or an herbal component. I hope it stays subdued as it is right now.More time has passed, and although the vetiver is apparent, VE has become very woody and smoky. These notes were also prominent in Route du Vetiver. I must say, the VE is quite a nice fragrance, and I think among the best vetivers. However, the faint sweet, nutty and resinous quality has not really come out in this one. 4-stars for the fragrance, but my search continues.

Guerlain's was a revelation to me, old school, with its tobacco/spice debonair. Where the Guerlain is smooth and spicy, this one is crisp, herbal, and to the point. Where the Guerlain can take a bewitching turn on a lady, I'm not sure this one is anything but masculine. It has great lasting power, too. Virile Vetiver Extraordinaire!

I didn't like Guerlain's Vetiver at first. Too soapy. And I thought "why are there so many vetiver lovers?" Here's the answer. Vétiver Extraordinaire is one of the best vetivers available. May come across as too powerful for some but for me this is quality grassiness right here; like a very good pilsner.

Vetiver Extraordinare: ....close your eyes and VE does give an impression of moss and vetivers growing on the area of application, quite literally. smells very real and true. However, it smells very similar to Encre Noir (EN, please see my views on EN below). Im not indicating EN is Better than VE, what i'm indicating though is, i dont have the money for VE($210). both scents have enuff difference to stay in the same wardrobe...where EN may smell of Wood, Spices & Vetivers; VE smells of the very same vetivers used in EN + moss and damp forest smell. if you like EN, there is no way one is going to despise this one. nicely done. Composed by the great Dominique Ropion and he quotes "a new essence of Vetiver, stripped of its bitter edge, which he matches with five woody notes to play up the scent's various facets. The result is something surprisingly fresh and crisp."

YES! Vetiver, vetiver, vetiver GALORE. Green, fresh, but not weak. Not for everyone though. Only vetiver lovers may enter!

This is easily one of the top three vetivers I've tried, and on some days I even think it's the best of all. Through an astonishing feat of perfumery magic, this manages to be bitter and raw yet moist and refreshing at the same time, all the while remaining true to vetiver in all of its moods. No verbal description and no other vetiver fragrance can adequately prepare you for your first encounter with this almost otherworldly scent, so just hurry up and try it already. Earthy yet luminous, it will always have a place in my wardrobe. Excellent sillage, outstanding longevity. Thumbs up all around.

For me this comes across as Vetiver Insipid. The first note is one of rubber, followed by the dry woody scent of reeds blowing in the wind. Two hours later the faintest of vetiver scents emerges. A failure in my book.

Since receiving this as a Father's Day gift, Vetiver Extraordinaire has become one of the mainstays of my wardrobe, especially as we head into the hot days of summer. This cool, dry scent is very refreshing when the temp goes up, but works well on cooler days as well. I can't see a lot of change over the course of wearing it... Seems pretty linear, and very integrated. Nothing jumps out; just the slightly sharp, earthy, extraordinary vetiver, all down the line.

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