Vetiver Eau Glacée 
Guerlain (2004)


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A fresher reinterpretation of JPG's original.

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Reviews of Vetiver Eau Glacée by Guerlain

There are 19 reviews of Vetiver Eau Glacée by Guerlain.

Interestingly done. The top smells like soapy geranium mixed with the intense chill of biting into a cardamom pod, with a pinch of licorice for character and peppermint for sharpness.

The vetiver enters slowly, warming the proceedings, while some combination of spices creates the illusion of toasted brown bread, or possibly warm pie hovering in the background. A few hours in, I'm left with vetiver and nutmeg, with hints of licorice remaining.

This is probably the most interesting of Guerlain's Vetivers, as it's fully embellished, but doesn't lose the plot like Pour Elle - even with the spices and everything, this is still very clearly a vetiver scent. Nice!
Nov 18, 2020

Not a bad flanker I enjoy this one mainly because it reminds me of Kouros Sport Cologne (not to be confused with Kouros Eau de Sport) in the long rounded rectangular bottle. Where this shines is that it has a fecal not that juxtaposes the bright and cold citrus in a way you don't see coming, something that is lacking in KSC. As a flanker to the original VG, you have to wait a bit to see the similarities. While VG is all vetiver root and quite old school with no modern pretensions, Eau Glacee aka Frozen leans towards modernity in the way it delivers the vetiver: harmonious with only a dose of rootyness. The end result is a somewhat unique fragrance that shows its Guerlain stripe in the middle and base notes, but the transition is not smooth at all. This is when I prefer KCS. Overall, not bad though. Pros: Guerlain qualitiesCons: Transition from modern to classic Guerlain is jagged.
Jun 21, 2013

Vetiver Eau Glacee/Vetiver Frozen by Guerlain - Albeit this flanker of the original Vetiver by Guerlain keeps the vetiver essence as its focus, it is decidedly cooler than the original with the warmer aspects of the original excised and replaced with "cooling agents", so to speak.
One is initially treated to a minty, citric accord. A pronounced lime combines with orange and bergamot, resulting in a heightened tangy and bittersweet marriage, which is nicely tempered by a herbal mint. A faintly nutty vetiver serves as an undercurrent to this somewhat bracing and green concoction, and flows to the waiting middle. Here, in the heart, the citrus fades, allowing the mint to commingle with a woody and lively pepper as well as a smattering of cinnamon-like nutmeg. A sweetly floral and orangey neroli, with an ephemeral, metallic something, bathes the herbal brew. A muted earthiness and greenness from the vetiver serves as a backdrop. Transitioning to the base, the vetiver comes into its own, highlighting its steamed rice and grassy aura. Tonka bean, with its sweetly vanillic and slightly almondy facets, interplays with the green vetiver. A refreshing drydown ensues. This somewhat refined and fresh scent has good projection and longevity. A masculine, all-season composition, it will, indeed, shine in the warmer weather. This fragrance has a particularly attractive price point for its caliber.
Apr 26, 2012

Fresh opening which I don't mind although the neroli in the mid doesn't sit very well with me and it seems to stick around for awhile. I prefer the original vetiver as its a nice clean fresh scent which is soft.
Jun 18, 2010

Great fragrance. This one differs from the original in the use of a minty opening and a cooler + peppery dry down. So bad it is discontinued where I live. Miss this great flanker.
Apr 28, 2010

Great, more suitable for formal/night wear, usually, vetiver reminds me of senior crowds. It is cool and refreshing. Floral high notes balance the vetiver very nicely.
Sep 15, 2009

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