Vétiver Eau de Pardum 
Molinard (2021)

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Vétiver Eau de Pardum by Molinard

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Molinard takes you on a journey far away, through arid and exotic landscapes. Across these expanses of sandy soil grows a dense carpet of tall, straw-green grasses with an intriguing appearance. Vétiver arouses curiosity, appearing to float in the air while being rooted deep in the earth, omnipresent yet insignificant. An encounter with the Élément.

The opening notes are fresh and luminous, shot through with sparkling grapefruit and bitter orange. The heart of amber, lavender and violet intensifies the fragrance before giving way to vetiver. The intertwining roots from Java and Haïti open up to release fresh citrusy scents, woody and delicate smoky notes all at once, with a powerful and elegant trail. An evocative kaleidoscope of aromas within a single substance celebrated in a modern scent for men and women alike.

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