Vetiver Dance 
Tauer (2008)

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There are 46 reviews of Vetiver Dance by Tauer.

Phew. I normally like vetiver fragrances, but Andy Tauer's Vetiver Dance has me rethinking my affection for this note. At first I thought I may have mistakenly put on the wrong sample and had to check the label to confirm I had indeed put on Vetiver Dance. This starts off very green and sour, with a bushel of horrid clary sage and funeral like lily notes. It's frighteningly old smelling, like a nursing home or funeral parlor old. Lily of the valley always makes me think of funerals. Unfortunately, the fragrance is also devoid of it's namesake vetiver as well. At least in the opening hour vetiver is absent, leaving you waiting for something better than clary sage and lily to develop. Slowly and eventually an adulterated vetiver does kick in, but it arrives too late for me and it's entirely infected with sour toned cistus and tonka bean. Vetiver is supposed to be a clean, uplifting note that is fresh and earthy. Vetiver Dance is really quite the opposite, even depressing by half. I hot showered it away at 2 hours then splashed myself liberally with Guerlain Vetiver to cheer me back up, as well as ward away the Grim Reaper, who I'm certain smells something like Vetiver Dance. A huge thumbs down.
Nov 23, 2017

Definitely starts out more mosh pit than waltz, but settles into a nice jive.

Some years ago, I sent off for a set of samples from Tauer, and took a fancy to this. I then invested in a full bottle, and have had an odd co-existence with Vetiver Dance ever since. I think my original attraction was to a definite link to Je Reviens, which is burned into my brain after an incident with a 'borrowed from Mum' full bottle of parfum and a jacket pocket in my teenage years (I dream of getting back the smell I remember clinging to that jacket pocket..).

Vetiver Dance (I will not call it VD for obvious reasons) is strong, with a sour citrus and herb giving the vetiver a raw edge. A little after spraying it feels like I've got on a rollercoaster and I'm regretting the decision. I'm wearing it today as I'll be alone all day so won't pressgang anyone else into the ride.

Several hours later and I really like the sour but soft drydown.
May 7, 2017

Oberon Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing by William Blake 1786
May 3, 2017

BLUF: Different from all other vetivers I've tried.

I know we all have our own take on what "powdery" means, but I perceived this as a powdery, white floral, clean take on vetiver. It doesn't smell at all like Dior's Privée Vétiver, but I feel like they are painted on similarly dry vetiver canvases.

The vetiver starts off in the background and seems to be of the grassy/green sort, and is joined by soft florals and sweetness (smells more like vanilla, but tonka is listed) and some hesperidic top notes. Some hours later, it takes on the more smoky/crunchy aspects that I associate with Java vetiver (the kind listed in the notes here), and at this point most of the "powder" and florals have died down considerably and it's primarily a woody/vetiver scent with a touch of dry aromatic herbs of which I cannot pinpoint.

Nice overall, not your typical take on the namesake note, but not compelled to pursue any further than my sample. Worth sampling for any vetiver fan, as I know of no analogs.
Feb 22, 2017

Very pleasant fragrance. Reminds me of the smell in a newly decorated room with fresh paint and wallpaper. There is also a resemblance to Tauer's Carillon pour une Ange in the greenish quality allied to moss or undecavertol. Finally there's a suggestion of the green-violet freshness as in Grey Flannel.
Nov 29, 2016

A clearly vertiver-dominated opening blast, intertwined with a peppery sidekick. The vetiver as such is fairly clean and bright, with only minimal rawness and earthiness on my skin, but the pepper casts a dark shadow over it. Additionally, very much from her start herbaceous undertones are present, at times verging on light hay note.

The vetiver dominates throughout so far deep into the drydown, although a whiff of white florals gives is a softer edge.

The base goes through a fairly nonspecific woodsy stage initially, but then vanilla and a slightly crispier cistus note merge into a dyad that is quite unusual and more interesting than I expected. There is an overly synthetic ambery/ambergris component mixed in that is suffocated by the cistus/vanilla dyad - maybe that is not such a bad thing; the ambery note works better in the background on my skin. The vetiver still breaks through at times, but eventually the dyad rules, only interrupted at by a slightly sweeter version of the herbal aroma from the beginning.

The performance is very good, with moderate sillage, excellent projection and eleven hours of longevity on my skin.

As a vetiver, a clean vetiver with a spice note on top, it is a passable creation, but the shenanigans around the vetiver sound rather haphazard and synthetically chaotic, but they work surprisingly well in accord.

Overall, although rather synthetic, this is an interesting rendering of a vetiver scent. 3/5.
May 3, 2016

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